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Introducing Labs: Let’s Go Do Some Science!

DNS, Email, Labs – you’ve seen the references, you’ve read about them and you know what those first two pieces of our business are, but you might not know too much about Labs.

Labs is our technology playground: our virtual sandbox of projects, our Skunkworks. It’s the place where we do things to help make the Internet a better place for everyone. And up until now, it’s been one of the more “virtual” departments of Dyn, but that all changes today with a new addition and a familiar face that will help us form and re-ignite the Labs department.

Andrew Sullivan – Director of Labs

Andrew Sullivan - DynAndrew joins us today as Director of Labs — a job focused on the operation of our version of Skunkworks — and charged with a multitude of efforts to help keep Dyn at the bleeding edge of technology. Entrusted with keeping a firm tab on what’s happening in the DNS and Email industries, you’ll see Andrew representing us at future industry assemblies like IETF, ICANN and MAAWG.

He’ll take lead in generating awareness about our technology contributions such as the multitude of DynECT Managed DNS and Email Delivery integrations we offer, Internet Guide and the cool projects turned out by our Engops Team during our Unroadmap Days. He’s also in charge of looking at future technology and business development for Dyn, but that’s some of the stuff we cannot share yet!

Alex Sergeyev – Sr. Software Engineer

Alex Sergeyev - DynHaving joined us back in 2006, Alex is a long time Dyner and has been a key player in moving our product platforms forward. He knows the guts inside and out that help make Dyn run. As an excellent software engineer, he is proficient in many different programming languages, architectures and design patterns.

With this experience, he’s moving away from the specific product platforms to a role where he’ll help survey and dive deep into emerging technologies and their application within Dyn. He’s working on special projects designed to help the DNS and Email community at large through various data collection and analysis initiatives.


We look forward to what these additions to our team produce for us in the coming weeks/months and how they help to grow Dyn, what we do and to benefit the Internet at large. Welcome aboard!

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