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Introducing Dyn’s Developer Center

As the Internet continues to become the control plane for just about any device we touch in our daily lives, we strive to make our products more functional and developer-friendly to enable the proliferation of the next-generation Internet. To that end, I am pleased to introduce some of the first fruits of our labors here at Dyn – the new Developer Center.

This new section of our website brings together our existing Traffic Management (Managed DNS), Message Management (Email Delivery), and Remote Access Updater Client APIs with new Software Development Kits and technical documentation. Additionally, we have made key functionality enhancements to our Dyn Community forums which will allow developers and users to connect with each other on topics around our product offerings.

The SDKs

Dyn Developer Center Screenshot - Click here to visit the Dyn Developer CenterWith the help of a renowned cloud computing expert, Sunny Gleason, we are pleased to offer our first foray into the world of Software Development Kits (SDKs) for our line of cloud-based Internet Performance Solutions.

You can now find Traffic Management and Message Management SDKs in the following languages:

  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java (TM only)

For our friends who are using Dyn solutions in combination with Chef to provision new cloud instances, you will find the Chef recipe for Dyn’s Traffic Management as well.

This video with our Chief Technologist, Cory von Wallenstein, and Sunny will tell you more about the new changes:

The Community

Dyn Community Forum Screenshot - Click here to visit the forumAs we look to continue to grow our footprint, we will be relying heavily on the contributions of the community to add new languages and functionality. The Dyn Community Forum provides a place to talk about all of Dyn’s product offerings with other users and developers.

Imagine being able to leverage the knowledge of the same folks who actively build, maintain and deploy Dyn’s solutions around the world. Well, now you can. The Dyn Community Forum is not designed to replace our already phenomenal customer and technical support teams, but rather provide a sounding board for new ideas and solutions leveraging Dyn’s products.

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