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Interop Las Vegas 2010: Optimizing Your Infrastructure

We’re beginning to make a name for ourselves for doing things a little bit… differently. From the new standard of white-glove customer support in the managed DNS space with the Dynect Concierge, to being named from one of the best companies to work for in our headquarters state (how many other infrastructure companies can say that?!?), to combining DNS and SEXY in the same sentence.

At Interop Las Vegas, we had an opportunity to be different… once again. Rather than a product demo, or playing a game of acronym soup, we decided to tell stories. Stories of the online organizations we work with, and the interesting interactions between the archetypes within.

The two archetypes in an online organization, the “technical side” and the “business side,” couldn’t be more different. To succeed, working together and working toward a common purpose is paramount.

It’s how Dyn Inc. clients build some of the best companies in the world, and it’s how Dyn Inc. delivers the best managed DNS performance and experience in the world.

For Interop this year, we decided to explore these archetypes, both internally and at our clients. One member from the “technical side” and one member from the “business side” share how Dyn Inc. customers, and the archetypes within, optimized their infrastructure with failover and GSLB to tackle three of the largest problems in the online organization:

  • Users expect fast
  • Failure happens
  • Living in a business of change

The best part? We’ve got the whole thing on video. So grab some popcorn, get comfy, and dive in below!

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