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The Interop Experience: Face-to-Face Customer Feedback at its Finest

Written by Chris Gonyea, Ninja:

Just over one year ago I began working at Dyn on the customer support team, now called the DynDNS Ninja Squad, but the name of my position isn’t the only thing that has changed. This year our job roles have expanded along with the types of cool new customers we’ve been serving. One major initiative for us this year is to be more proactive in our outreach to users which I was able to be a part of at Interop Las Vegas just a few weeks ago.

After a 5 hour plane ride that began way too early in the morning, we touched down in Las Vegas and decided to kick the trip off, not with booth set-up but with a must see tour of the headquarters (a customer on the DynECT Platform). Once Ninja Sensei Chris Widner, Business Development Manager Josh Delisle, and I arrived we realized we were getting much more than a tour, we were witnessing the first ever wedding being held at Zappos! The couple said their I do’s in a jungle themed cubicle, with who else but Elvis officiating the ceremony. The only thing that would have made this Vegas experience better was if they had gotten married in DNS is Sexy t-shirts!

But back to our regularly scheduled program and why were in Las Vegas in the first place…after checking in at the Mandalay Bay hotel where the event was being held, we headed down to the convention center where Partner Sales Manager, Brian Brady had luckily already assembled most of booth #853. Even though people were still setting up, you could feel the buzz of the event and the excitement to get it started.

The three day event itself was a blur — but in a good way. Our booth experienced high traffic and I could barely keep up with all the interesting potential and current customers I got to speak with about Dyn One message I took away from the attendees was that they truly valued us as a presence in the DNS industry. Whether it was hearing about us for the first time, or realizing that we are the folks behind, the interest in our platforms was extremely high.

The common theme by far was that our customers think our services are just plain awesome! Talk about great validation for me and the entire Ninja Squad who talk to these people every day through email and phone calls. Hearing from users face-to-face, some that have been using us since we started in 1998, about how they depend on our services every day to keep their business and personal activities running smoothly was a great experience.

I chatted with one customer at our famous DynTini event on Tuesday night for over an hour, who uses DynDNS to manage wireless access points on buses in his college campus. That is a use case we could have never come up with ourselves! One customer vigorously shook my hand and my manager’s hand for a few minutes because he had so much appreciation for our services. He told us that his business simply wouldn’t be where it is today without Another person used our free service for years, but didn’t realize that we offered some services with DynECT that his business might have a potential need for. I even talked to a customer I had previously spoken on the phone with before, what are the odds of that happening?

Overall I will take away one thing from Interop…we have a winner at Dyn in both our DynDNS and DynECT Platform services. While I always felt this, it has been a special experience to hear it straight from customers that use us every day. Dyn has an important place in the DNS industry. Reliable, affordable, fast and scalable — a true pioneer!

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