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Internet Visibility & Control Is Critical To Your Cloud Success

Dyn is excited to share a new piece of Gartner research, Network Performance Monitoring Tools Leave Gaps in Cloud Monitoring, that heralds the first public recognition by Gartner of IPM and Dyn’s growing share in this field. Below is Dyn’s take on the piece — download the full research from Gartner today!

Cloud. Hybrid IT. Agile. Digital Transformation. The pace of innovation in IT has never been faster, but, as this research from Gartner makes clear, tools to manage ever-increasing variety and complexity in IT environments largely haven’t kept apace. This leaves many organizations with a critical gap in network visibility and control: the internet.

Dyn is proud to be pioneering a new category of technologies to fill this gap called Internet Performance Management (IPM). This research by Gartner identifies a component of IPM, internet performance monitoring. The ability to unlock the black box imposed by internet transit to gain visibility and alerting of critical internet paths and their impact on your applications and users. But visibility without control will only get you so far, like having headlights to see the road ahead, but no steering wheel to avoid obstacles. Monitoring needs to be combined with control for organizations to fully achieve the potential of the internet.

As Gartner makes clear, cloud-centric monitoring is quickly becoming a must-have for IT teams moving workloads to the cloud. The ever increasing scale, complexity, and volatility of the internet introduces significant operational risk, as public cloud outages threaten both business continuity and the quality of digital experience you deliver to users. And while monitoring is critical, without control it may leave IT pros frustrated or struggling to resolve issues (or just plain scared).

Full Internet Performance Management (IPM) requires the pairing of monitoring with advanced analytics and internet traffic steering capabilities. First, analytics are critical to making sense of the vast quantities of internet “events” impacting performance, and serving up actionable insights. But while such insights would undoubtedly be useful for long-term planning and cloud vendor management, real-time, proactive control unlocks the full potential of internet visibility.

For example, an advanced, managed DNS service can be deployed by organizations to shift traffic between cloud and on-premise assets based on real-time internet conditions. Additionally, IPM platforms infuse the DNS capability with the data and analytics to increase the reliability and resilience of workloads and to provide policy-based traffic management, automating dynamic traffic steering decisions based on any number of factors (price/performance, user SLAs, etc.). IPM allows organizations to manage the internet as an asset, under their control. This approach helps de-risk cloud- and CDN-dependent applications that use the internet to connect users with digital assets. As a result, IPM not only has the potential to help fill the gap for existing applications, but also increase the potential of the internet for a broader range of use cases.

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