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Internet Connected Toothbrushes Coordinate DDoS Attack, Take Down Colgate Website

Yes, we know…it’s not April Fool’s Day, but in the age of IoT, anything is possible.

The inspiration for this headline actually came, in part, from the brilliant mind of Marc Benioff of Salesforce fame. In 2013, he famously opened the annual Dreamforce Salesforce Conference with a riff about Philips’ new Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled toothbrushes. “When I go into the dentist he won’t ask if I brushed. He will say what’s your login to your Philips account. There will be a whole new level of transparency with my dentist,” he gushed.

By most estimates, there will be 6.4 billion connected devices this year (up 30% from last year) and roughly 21 billion by 2020. And with these IoT devices will come unparalleled threats and opportunities. Just this week news broke about a massive DDoS attack where more than 25,000 Internet-connected closed circuit TV devices were aimed at a small brick-and-mortar jewelry shop. The shop’s Website was being assaulted by almost 35,000 HTTP requests per second, making it unreachable. When the security firm was hired to stop the attack – which continued for days – the assailants increased the number of HTTP requests to 50,000 per second.

While an attack of this nature is unusual, it offers a window into our future – a future where more connected devices can be unleashed to wreak havoc on unaware and/or unprotected businesses. The public internet is free and open, but it’s also volatile and potentially threatening, especially when businesses are not armed with the tools to have protection, insight and control over their online assets.

So how can your business become more fully prepared to deal the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

First, check out our recent IoT article in The Next Web  offering our analysis of the evolution of IoT. Then begin to think about how important internet monitoring and alerts, Secondary DNS and building a resilient internal and external internet infrastructure will be for your business in the brave new world to come. The challenges that are emerging today require different approaches and different solutions than the ones many IT decision makers have relied on to date.

Understanding the threats to your business and having the tools to mitigate them are a CIO’s top two priorities. At Dyn, we understand these threats and make it our business to help companies lay the framework to put their business on a safe, high-performing pathway to success.

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Whois: Brendan Mangus

Brendan Mangus is a Corporate Communications Strategist at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.