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Inside The Dyn Yearbook Creation Process

Wait, we’re going to create a what?

Yes, I was the first skeptic among many about creating a yearbook for Dyn, a project that came to life in early 2011 and kept growing as the year moved on. It was set to be a gift for Dyn employees at our yearly holiday party and a fun way to look at who is working here and commemorate 2011.

So yeah, I had more questions. Would people participate? Would people understand print’s high resolution needs and adhere to dimensions? And most important to me – would this wild conglomerate of pages even look good?

After the onslaught of employee pages began rolling in, I was still skeptical. It wasn’t until I started compiling the book that the magic of the project revealed itself. Much of the work that we do at Dyn is very intangible and since we do DNS and Email so well, it’s also quite invisible. A book though is obviously very tangible and visible. So for me, the yearbook provides a tangible reflection of Dyn’s essence and culture…and it is awesome.

Check out some of my favorite pages for yourself.


This was the book’s first two pages with introductions from CEO Jeremy Hitchcock and Director of Culture Chris Widner.

Dyn Blog Yearbook - Intro

Section Spreads

Each of the three sections started with a spread similar to this one. This is the section opener for individual employee pages with random fun shots from the year.

Dyn Blog Yearbook - Page 2


This was my favorite spread. Just like in high school yearbooks, we had our own superlatives: Best Hair and Best Laugh but also some very Dyn ones like Most Likely To Need More Hard Drive Space and Most Likely to Get Pulled Over While Riding the Segway.

Dyn Yearbook - Page 3

Infographic Fun

If you saw our end-of-year infographic, this should look familiar. For the yearbook though, I added in some random stats like how much chocolate milk is consumed on a weekly basis and the top kitchen snack.

Dyn Yearbook - Page 4
So you want to create your own company yearbook? Next week, I’ll give you five guidelines & tips on how to do just that!

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