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Innovation Rocks!

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn today announced it has received an “Innovation Rocks!” award from the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development’s Business Resource Center, celebrating its strong leadership role in the networking industry and its creative take on engineering challenges.

Dynamic Network Services Incorporated is a world leader in DNS, email and domain services, helping a large part of the Internet’s infrastructure run smoothly, for home users and Fortune 500 corporations alike.

We are thrilled and honored to be acknowledged not only for the reliability of the tools we engineer but also for their originality and creativity.

Since 1998, the company has catered to the needs of an international clientele encompassing more than two million users. It today operates three targeted services,, for home users and small businesses, Dynect, for large corporations, and DynTLD, for registry operators. It has also recently launched DynWiFi, a philanthropic initiative aiming to provide free pervasive Internet access in its hometown of Manchester, NH.

“We are dedicated to breaking the boundaries of traditional networking” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO and CFO, adding the company’s accomplishments were made possible by its own, home-designed software. “We are thrilled and honored to be acknowledged not only for the reliability of the tools we engineer but also for their originality and creativity.” added Tom Daly, President and CTO.

“Innovation Rocks!” is an initiative sponsored by the Business Resource Center in coordination with Rock 101 (WGIR-FM) and the The Pavilion at the Hilton Garden Inn Manchester Downtown to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of New Hampshire businesses.

Founded as a free DNS service for the open source community, DynDNS has grown quietly and steadily to become one of the Internet’s largest and most reliable providers of domain, zone and email solutions, through its innovative, obscenely-well supported services. Still offering its signature free service, the company today plays a key role in keeping the Internet’s DNS infrastructure at large running smoothly and stays faithful to its core values of engineering excellence.

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To current Dyn Customers and visitors considering our Dynamic DNS product: Oracle acquired Dyn and its subsidiaries in November 2016. After June 29th, 2020, visitors to will be redirected here where you can still access your current Dyn service and purchase or start a trial of Dynamic DNS. Support for your service will continue to be available at its current site here. Sincerely, Oracle Dyn