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Infrastructure & Teams — Best-of-Breed & Complimentary Parts

The ideal online infrastructure behind your website or application has a nice correlation to building complimentary, diverse, redundant, and high-performing teams in an organization. It’s about putting the right pieces together to do a great and holistic job — for customers — at all times and with all risks clearly defined.

At Dyn, we’re making a strong and assertive bet on the desire for best-of-breed, vendor diversity and redundancy, and ultimate choice for purchasers and operators of Internet-facing properties. The great debate between best-of-breed or bundled solutions has never been more relevant. Without a horse in the race for hosting or deploying your content assets, we aim to be the authoritative and unbiased choice for infrastructure management.

In a push by the Internet consumer for superior user experience, shouldn’t the decisions on infrastructure be about them? Some vendors don’t see it that way. We’re in a frothy market where many infrastructure providers are bundling together DNS, CDN, DDoS protection, A/B testing, acceleration, storage, data, and even transit together; one-stop shops claiming to solve all of your Internet performance needs, up and down the stack. The more bits they can control, the more money changes hands and the more locked in you’ll be with that vendor.

We like to think of ourselves as B-B-C, because in the end the demand for our control plane starts with a growing Internet populous of both B-B and B-C apps, not simply the team’s running our tools, because they demand availability and speed. We’re in the fight together with our customers, for their customers, and the space is getting more and more fragmented with everyone launching their “cloud” or “IaaS” solution. Who doesn’t have a “cloud” nowadays? We don’t and that’s a deliberate decision. We’ll tell you how the infrastructure world performs, help you control it, and then optimize it for the best experience for your customers.

Think about the corollary to building your team, company wide or in technology more specifically. Is a systems admin the same talent that codes in C++? Do you only have one of each? What about your UX team? Solo? Do they also work on database? What about your Dev managers – same skill set as your VP Technical Operations or head of product management? No chance.

We believe in complimentary infrastructure, just like we believe in complimentary teams. Come to Dyn to put the choice in your hands around performance, security, availability, and cost. We’ve got your back. In comparison to your entire IT spend, how much are you truly spending on managing and optimizing it?

Or just come work for us as a complimentary part — we’re always hiring. We’d love to have you either way.


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Kyle York
Whois: Kyle York

Kyle York is GM & VP, Product Strategy, and has been a long-time executive, having joined in 2008. Over the years, he has held go-to-market leadership roles in worldwide sales, marketing, and services. In his current role, Kyle focuses on overall corporate strategy, including: positioning and evangelism, new market entry, strategic alliances and partnerships, M&A, and business development. Outside of Oracle Dyn, Kyle is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor in several startups.

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