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Infrastructure 2.0

At Dyn, we’ve been talking about dynamic infrastructure since we started. It’s part of what makes up our philosophy as a company and is literally a part of our name.

We’ve heard a lot of chatter recently about “Infrastructure 2.0” and its dynamic nature. Some are calling it the industry’s biggest hope. It’s a pretty big claim.

After doing research and putting our heads together, we don’t think the new Infrastructure 2.0 is going to look much different than what you see now. It’s only conjecture at this point, but the only difference will be that all pieces of the puzzle will work hand in hand to help users provision a cloud computer and have those assets tracked in their current infrastructure.

This announcement is really interesting because our friends over at Rightscale do automatic provisioning already. They aren’t vendor specific, so you can fire up a number of cloud resources. In a truly dynamic Infrastructure 2.0, any cloud resource needs to be vendor agnostic and interoperable. Cloud resources become a commodity item.

What we hope it’s not:

  • An additional cloud service touting a new approach to management; we feel there are some really good clouds/integrators/managers out there already (e.g. Rightscale). This will simply clutter the market and blur the decision making process for customers.
  • A specific, closed-source, vendor implemented protocol used to scale systems/services between different hardware vendors platforms; existing systems won’t be able to adapt to it, new systems can’t connect into it.
  • A hardware platform designed to lock customers into a selection of hardware, firmware, software, and management tools.
  • Or yet another system that ignores the scalability and security issues of Domain Name and DNS management. Let’s hope we hear about IPv6, DNSSEC, and cache-poisoning protection in this system that makes use of industry agreed upon protocols and services that already exist.

In the end, we’ll be waiting in line just like everyone else to see how Infrastructure 2.0 develops. Our hope is that it is something that makes the lives of our customers easier, but remembers to embrace the cornerstones of efficiency, flexibility, and interoperability.

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