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Improvements in DNS Hosting

For many system administrators and web site developers, DNS hosting sits at the back of the mind. As long as it works, they’re happy.

For us, DNS hosting is nowhere near the back of the mind. It’s right in front, all the time. But don’t take my word for it — here are some important improvements we’ve been working on that you can start working with today.

DNSSEC Signed Zone and DNSSEC Resolver Testbed

We’ve set up a DNSSEC-aware resolver and a DNSSEC signed zone for you to experiment with. This is just the first step in our larger plan for network-wide DNSSEC support.

IPv6 Nameserver Hosting

Want your users to perform DNS queries over IPv6 transit? Look no further than IPv6 DNS hosting support for Custom DNS. You’ve always been able to provide AAAA records containing IPv6 addresses over IPv4 with Custom DNS. This is specifically to allow queries over IPv6 transit to an IPv6 enabled nameserver for your zone in addition to the standard IPv4 transit to IPv4 nameservers.

Free Recursive DNS

Tired of slow or unreliable nameservers at your ISP? Try out the Internet Guide, a free recursive DNS service that uses anycasted nameservers for the fastest possible query times.

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) with DNS

Do you want to balance load across servers, or more importantly, across separate physical datacenters? Take a look at the Traffic Management features of the Dynect Platform providing Global Server Load Balancing as a service.

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