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If you’re leaving Mandrill, this is why you need to look at Dyn

If you’re into email, you have probably heard about the recent Mandrill edict that their SMTP customers also must have a Mailchimp front end account. If you’re not into email, you probably didn’t and thus, you’re dismissed from this blog.

We’re not here to throw shade on the Mandrill decision, but we also know that some of those senders (and perhaps you’re one of them) are looking other places. And while Sendgrid and Amazon SES have been brought up in news stories about the decision, we’d like to raise our hands and invite you to check out Dyn Email Delivery.

Here’s a few FAQs to get you started:

Are you new?

Far from it. Dyn has been in the email delivery space for 10+ years and in the enterprise space for over five of those years. We power the delivery of 25+ billion opt-in emails a year and run the cleanest network in the world for bulk and transactional email senders. We’re active members of the email industry, especially in the anti-SPAM space with organizations like MAAWG.

Are you the same type of service as Mandrill, Amazon SES, and SendGrid?

We certainly are. While there are some differences in the interfaces and terminology, the basics are the same.

Do you offer a front end for HTML development and list management as well?

We don’t, but integrate with several partners that do.

Who do you integrate with?

We integrate with front-end providers like Ongage, Cordial and Iterable, and marketing automation services like Marketo. If you have questions about a specific front end, just ask!

What type of stats do you offer?

Plenty, like opens, clicks, engagement stats, bounces, complaints, etc. with the ability to view reporting via our portal, API calls, or postback URLs. If there’s something specific to your business that you’d like to know about, please ask!

Do you offer anything else?

We’re an Internet performance company that powers both DNS and email delivery, and many of our clients use us for both. Why would this matter to you? For email-related DNS changes that need to be made to SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, the ability to seamlessly do this under one umbrella technically is a huge plus.

How does your sending speed match up to your competitors?

We’ll go head-to-head with any provider in the world for delivery and speed. Note that speed isn’t always the best thing which is why we’re constantly evaluating our throttling speeds to maximize our connections and placement with major mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and more.

Do you offer support?

We have three tiers of support to choose from. We also offer a popular consulting service called Reputation Management in which our team acts as an extension of your email team, offering technical advice as well as content advice.

How do I get started?

Contact us and we can help evaluate your situation to see whether we’re a good fit for each other. Let’s have the conversation, and we’ll go from there.

Then what?

Not to jump too far ahead, but here’s what your technical people will have to look forward to. We’ll help you onboard so you’re good to go as soon as possible while maintaining great deliverability from day one.

We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your future bulk and transactional email conversations. Let’s talk!

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