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ICANN56: Long Days, Short Nights and Long Drink

helsinki sunset

ICANN56 is fast approaching and this time around we are all heading off to the beautiful City of Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Helsinki on a number of occasions and, even more fortunately, they have all been in the summer time.

There is something very special about basking in the summer sun at Kauppatori (or Market Square in English) watching the world go by and enjoying the sights and sounds of a bustling traditional Finnish market. Resplendent with stalls purveying all manner of locally sourced and produced foodstuffs and souvenirs, watching the cruise ships unloading their precious cargo of tourists whilst savouring the traditional beverage Long Drink.

Dyn is committed to being a steward of the Internet, which is why we’ve been a long time participant in all things ICANN. We are proud to continue to be at the forefront of many of the burning issues of the day. Our very own Andrew Sullivan, Dyn Fellow and Chair of the Internet Architecture Board, IETF, was invited to testify before the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation examining the plan for the IANA transition. Whilst this topic has been well discussed, many times, and by greater minds that I, the committee session brought up the common themes of control, governance and ensuring the the multi stakeholder premise be well defined. The Internet community at large, waits with anticipation to hear the findings of the committee and if the previously agreed timescales for the transition will indeed be met. As an overview as to what the IANA stewardship transition means, for those if us not directly involved, this is a great “bite sized” summary. (You can watch the full session here)

You may have seen a fair bit of news about Dyn over the past few weeks and it is an extremely exciting time for us as a business. Aside from the announcements around our funding, we are transforming from a lot more than just a DNS company, IPM is very much the new “black”.

As a registry or registrar it may not be immediately apparent why IPM matters or is relevant, but, simply put, it’s all about visibility, performance, control, optimising and maximising your use of internet infrastructure, whether that be onsite, cloud based or a hybrid of the two.

Our work with ccTLDs, gTLDs and domain registration and hosting businesses shows us that however functional and feature rich the “front end” may be, without a rock solid infrastructure to underpin this, it is the customer who will suffer from less than optimal performance. Brand reputation in the competitive world of the TLDs is all important. An exceptional end user experience is what we are all about, so if your customers are happy, then you will be too!

DynTLD now supports over 30M+ delegation/zones across 50+ TLDs (correct at time of writing with many millions more coming soon!) and whilst we are the hidden partner in many of these relationships, our extensive experience in keeping things working enables our customers and partners to fully focus on their day jobs.

As a thank you to those of you that already work with us, and those of you who (one day) will, we’d love you to join us at our Dyn Helsinki Summer Bash

While I can’t promise the Finnish sun will be shining all day long (although if you aren’t in bed by 3am, it will already be sun-up!), I can certainly promise great music, good food, excellent company and more than a few Long Drinks on offer.  Nähdään siellä!!

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Whois: Matt Shooman

Matt has been at Dyn since 2012 working in the Strategic Accounts team, managing Global partners across a number of disciplines, with a particular focus on the Registry and Registrar community. Follow on Twitter (@MattShooman and @Dyn).