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Dyn Inc. at ICANN 34 to Video Blog Proceedings

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn is attending ICANN 34 in Mexico City. While in Mexico, Dyn Inc staff will be conducting interviews with key policy and technical people to give a flavor and insight to the proceedings at this ICANN. This will be a mix of interviews and statements given by various personalities representing different policy and technical groups.

Here are our videos (keep checking back as we add more videos) Please read below for more information about ICANN and Dyn Inc’s Participation:

Alan Levin, Associate Chair of the Nominating Committee, speaking about opportunities to be involved with ICANN


John Crain, CTO of ICANN, Explaining what happens at ICANN to Alan Levin

Oliver Ortiz, Director of Strategic Relations at NeutralSpace, speaks to us about ICANNWiki, a useful tool to find out who’s who


Interview with Peter Dengate Thrush about Paul Twomey’s Announcement, Chairman of ICANN Board


Interview with Wendy Seltzer, the ALAC liaison to the ICANN


Interview with Justin Hayward, telnic

Inteview with Patrick Vande Walle, ISOC Luxembourg


Interview with Enrique Bustamante, head of AMIPCI Mexican Internet Association


Jeremy giving an overview of the week, talk about consensus building and pre-meeting activities


Gray discussing the new gTLD and the forces at work pushing or pulling the process


Jeremy introducing the video blogging the week before


ICANN serves as the technical coordination body and is morphing into a consensus-based, member driven organization whose responsibility is the root DNS and naming system. Since ICANN was only founded in 1998 and because the Internet is a fast changing place, a lot of things change quickly. When compared to other similar groups, some participants feel that ICANN hastily makes decisions without appropriate comment. Others feel that ICANN takes too long to make some decisions as it attempts to reach consensus on its decisions.

A lot of stuff goes on here at ICANN that affects how the Internet works. ICANN works on naming and numbering generally speaking. Big topics include the introduction of new top level domains, DNSSEC deployments, and IDNs in the top level. This is the place where those standards and policy come together to shape the Internet.

Dyn Inc represents 60,000 domain name holders, over a dozen domain registries and millions of users who use third level names through its free dynamic DNS service. One goal that we have with our attendance is to provide them better information on what ICANN is doing. Transparency of ICANN is strongly discussed and we hope that we can do our part by presenting this content to our users.

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