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Kyle York Talks To Kinvey About The Misconceptions Around IaaS

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Why is the world of Internet Infrastructure forgotten about in a world of SaaS and PaaS providers? Dyn’s Chief Revenue Office Kyle York gave his thoughts in an exclusive blog for Kinvey, a group that makes it easy for developers to setup, maintain and work with cloud applications for mobile apps.

Part of Kyle’s frustration — mostly in a response to an IaaS definition post Brian Whalley put together — is that tech media skim over what IaaS is or simply misclassify it among its other as-a-Service peers. While cloud hosting is a component of our business, it’s not the only one.

This misconception is often frustrating for niche IaaS providers like Dyn. However, it is also understandable as the space is continuing to be defined and the total addressable market (TAM) for this type of hosting is well established. In a 2011 analysis of the IaaS industry, Gartner, Inc. reported the market is poised for strong growth with a global growth forecast from an estimated $3.7 billion in 2011 to $10.5 billion in 2014.

In the post, Kyle identifies some key competitors and comparators in the space and helped define more of what we do as opposed to others:

However, managed DNS, DNS load balancing, geographic traffic management, CDN management, email delivery, email ISP seed listing and email reporting are also subsets of IaaS and are the mission critical Internet infrastructure services Dyn focuses on.

Keep in mind that all IaaS providers operate in the “cloud” as “cloud hosted services.” These innovative services are offered from fast growth startups to large public Internet infrastructure players.

Check out the full post and if you like that, Kyle blogs frequently on a variety of topics.

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