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How Two Email Data Centers Can Ensure Security, Stability & Deliverability

Part of what has always set Dyn apart from its competitors is our reliability. We’ve always believed that more important than new features, bells and whistles and cool modern add-ons is a strong set of unerring fundamentals to support whatever products we offer our customers.

Frequently, we speak about the nearly twenty global data centers that support our DNS products, ensuring that customers never need to worry about downtime should issues occur.

What we discuss far less is that this sort of pragmatic fail-safe foundation also supports our Email Delivery services, ensuring that when you send someone an email, the recipient doesn’t miss out because of a mishap on our end.

While many of our competitors only have one data center for email, Dyn has one on each coast of the United States.

This means that that we mitigate failures and provide a highly available infrastructure through load balancing across the country to our two co-location facilities (located in Palo Alto, CA and Newark, NJ) as well as within each facility to redundant server infrastructure. When customers send email, Dyn’s Load Balancers judge the traffic on each of the servers in order to find the fastest route for the sent mail. That way email sent from San Francisco isn’t sent all the way to the Newark server (unless the Palo Alto server is down). As a result of these localized intelligent structures, our email deliverability is much faster than any single server

Furthermore, both these centers are autonomous from our main database and site so that even if went down, your mail still makes it through. We’re able to failover the portal and API because we eat our own cooking: that being DynECT Managed DNS.

In addition, that same portal and API are regularly tested for failover procedures to make them “better, faster and stronger.”

Should there ever be problems, we have the foundation and the infrastructure to contend with them.

While it’s always nice to put out updates and add-ons, those features are meaningless if the fundamentals aren’t sturdy. We want to be sure that whatever we give our customers is in tip top condition so that if we have difficulties, you don’t have to.

That’s the Dyn promise.

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