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How To Save Money On Your CDN With Dyn & aiScaler

Combine CDN With aiScaler
This post was written by Milo Muller at aiScaler.

How is this possible?

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) were created in the 90s, when the public internet was slow. Visitors were using 56k modems, fiber cables were non-existent and there were only a handful of internet exchange points. When specific websites became popular, they needed a private channel to circumvent the slow public internet, which gave birth to the CDN (Content Delivery Network). Many popular websites now pay a premium to their CDN for delivering their content over private networks with a reserved capacity, often paying up to $0.10 per GB.

However, the internet has developed tremendously since the 90′s. Internet exchange points now have capacities of several thousands of Gbits per second. Internet service providers started installing fiber-to-the-door and consumers are using 4g for their mobile internet. The public internet has changed: more often than not, the bottleneck is in content generation, but not in content delivery. So why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to your CDN for content delivery? The public internet is fast enough most of the times, so simply serve most of your content over the public internet, directly from the aiScaler cache. Then -in case of peak hours, or for remote regions- aiScaler automatically serves the remainder of your content delivery over a CDN.

How does Dyn fit in?

With Dyn’s anycast network and services like Traffic Director, you can route your traffic geographically to multiple aiScaler instances distributed all over the world. Dyn also offers failover so that if any endpoint is unavailable, your traffic will automatically failover to an available endpoint for seamless service.

Using Dyn for load balancing, you can also easily bring aiScaler into the mix without having to completely turn off another CDN provider. This allows for reduced costs and gives you the ability to test out the perfect configuration.

Web Performance Optimization

Our techniques for Dynamic Site Acceleration, make your page faster and decrease the load on your web servers. Whether the traffic goes through the public internet, or via a CDN, you will always benefit from aiScaler’s Web Performance Optimization. There is also built-in DDoS mitigation and a fallback mode in case your origin servers break down. In short, aiScaler has everything that a CDN can offer -and more-, but you will not be paying a fee per extra GB.

How to take this further?

Contact us for a technical sales call to see how we can lower your CDN bill. aiScaler also has network engineers available to install non-invasive proof of concepts in your real world environment. Proof of concepts are deployed for free and within a matter of days after the initial sales call.

System administrators with adequate expertise can launch preconfigured aiScaler images on the AWS Marketplace, Microsoft Azure and HP Helion. On-premise installations come with a 30 day free trial period. Technical support is available from aiScaler and Dyn.

Private CDN vs Hybrid CDN

The section above shows how Dyn and aiScaler improve a regular CDN, by effectively installing a hybrid CDN. Many large websites prefer to have full control over their own content delivery and avoid a CDN service entirely. This is called a private CDN. It gives companies real-time traffic overview, and the ability to instantaneously affect caching rules and load distribution.

Below is a complex scheme with a more technical explanation of a private CDN. The installation process of a private CDN is similar to that of a hybrid CDN. Contact Dyn or aiScaler for more information.

How to set up a private CDN with aiScaler

How To Set Up A Private CDN
Peer Aware Clustering: aiScaler servers are peer aware for uniform cache invalidation and communication of server outages and DDoS blacklists.
Web Performance Optimization (WPO): aiScaler implements the following to improve performance and increase redundancy:

  • Dynamic Site Acceleration
  • DDoS mitigation
  • L4-7 Load balancing
  • Mobile traffic management
  • Scaling video streams
  • Fallback mode for broken webfarms
  • Superior cache control

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