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How To Make People Look Forward To Calling Client Services [Video]

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Since we were little kids, we’ve heard the Golden Rule over and over again. While we’ve tried to implement it in our daily lives, we don’t often associate this rule with client services. In fact, it seems like client services for a variety of companies follow a very different rule: “Do unto others by ruining their day.”

We’ve all had something go wrong and needed a helping hand when the instruction manuals and Google searches begin to blur together. Our frustration levels are already spiked the moment we pick up the phone. We are in no mood to deal with someone who talks down to us, but this is what we typically expect.

But a great client services department can help us, ease our frustrations and let us get back to business as usual, something our VP of Client Services Matt Toy understands better than anyone.As part of the EUR-Uptime Tour 2012, Toy gave a presentation on “Applying the Golden Rule to Client Services” at the eCommerce Expo in London. Toy discussed the steps he’s implemented to make this approach a reality. From the hiring process to using social media, his plan has a goal of having people look forward to calling your client services in times of need rather than panic.

Watch his entire presentation below. Note that the audio is a bit low due to the location in the venue.

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