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How To Find A Job: Advice From The Kid In The Green Shirt

On Tuesday, November 6, the American people will vote in the latest Presidential election. One of the issues that will be prominent in their minds is the economy and job creation. A demographic this particularly resonates with is college students, many of whom are having a difficult time finding work following graduation.

For those people, I have a suggestion: be noticed and leave people with an impression.

I recently attended my first career fair and it was pretty much what I expected. I met a lot of eager, impressive students.  When you meet so many people at once, however, it can be hard to remember who stood out.

Green ShirtOne young man made it easy on me.

When he handed me his resume, I noticed something handwritten on the side which read, “green shirt.” I then glanced up and noticed that, in fact, he was wearing a green button up shirt. I had to ask him about this and he had a simple response.

“I knew everyone here would be wearing suits and you would never be able to tell us apart after you leave. Since I want you to remember me, I decided I needed to stand out. So, I became the guy in the green shirt.”

A few days later, I remember the guy in the green shirt and while I don’t remember his name right off the bat, I know that I liked him and thought he would be a great fit in the Dyn culture.

We are proud of our culture and ensuring new employees understand it, embrace it and enjoy it. We feel so strongly about our culture and what we learned that we are hosting our second Culture-Con in San Francisco, sharing the importance of culture with other companies.

Here’s the most important rule about culture: be yourself.

For us, that means jeans and T-shirts. For other companies, that may be something else entirely. The key to having an authentic culture, though, is to stay true to your values and mission.

Let’s get back to the guy in the green shirt.

Would he be a great sales rep at Dyn? I’m not sure yet. But I do know he has one thing going for him: his personality fits into our culture. He was willing to think outside the box and make himself stand out. It was more than a green shirt. He was making a statement that he was looking for a company that let him be himself and let his experience and passion for the job do the talking.

Maybe not all employers appreciated that at the career fair, but that’s the point. Of course you want to find a job, but you also want to find one that will let you be you – whoever that is.

When you find this, you’ll be able to thrive, no matter who wins the presidency.

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