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How To Ensure Service Delivery: During Maintenance

Cloud MaintenanceA couple weeks ago, my colleague Mikel Steadman wrote a post visiting seven top-of-mind business challenges CIOs face every day. Normally, I like to write about the good things on the internet – how to make configurations easier, performance better, run faster, jump higher, that sort of thing. However, one of the most common questions we receive in the field is how can we as technology leaders, ensure service delivery as things like maintenance, security updates, DDoS attacks, or internet outages keep us in a constant state of fire fighting? This week we’ll be exploring the bad stuff out there. All the garbage hammering against our collective walls, and some of the things we can all do about it.

Maintenance and Zero Day Events

The rate of known exploits seem to be growing at an ever faster pace. Keeping up with every zero day seems to be a full time job in and of itself. Which begs the question – why do it in the first place? Not that you shouldn’t have up-to-date systems but why are you doing it yourself? It’s 2016, we live in an age where outsourcing things like DNS and Traffic Management aren’t just easy, they’re becoming the norm even for traditional enterprise.

Here at Dyn we use a version of BIND which has been molded to allow all our fancy traffic management services. Yes, I said we use BIND. Proudly too. With millions of users running the package, the odds that a zero-day is found before the baddies is stacked in our favor. We patch rapidly, and have a service contract with ISC for immediate warnings of vulnerabilities. Which is one less thing your team will ever have to think about again. Even if you want to maintain control of DNS management, there are options like setting yourself up as a hidden master which can keep your current way of managing systems but take advantage of us as your edge.

Meanwhile on your hardware load balancers, just to perform something simple like continental routing it will take your team the better part of a sprint to set it up. Just in time for a refresh and relearning the systems. Why does it have to be this hard? Dyn has capabilities like Traffic Director which can act as global load balancers pushing traffic to any of your online assets. Need to load balance your FRA and HKG data centers? No problem. Looking to target your CDNs by market? Easy. All the while, with a cloud solution Dyn will roll out changes automatically. No more refreshes, and your team can get back to that new green field deployment.

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Matt Torrisi
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