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How Important Is Premium DNS To Your WordPress Website?

1 out of every 5 websites you visit today is powered by WordPress, an open-source publishing platform.

What started out as an easy way for bloggers to publish content has turned into a powerful tool for web developers and businesses to build and maintain professional websites. Ecommerce sites, media outlets, non-profits, social movements, and countless other industries are using WordPress to build and maintain their brand image online. And, as you know, that data has to be hosted somewhere.

Pressable LogoWhen Pressable, formerly known as ZippyKid, was founded in 2010, Vid Luther’s ultimate goal was to provide a managed WordPress hosting solution specifically for these types of websites — one that catered to the needs of businesses and developers who don’t want to mess with the technical aspects of hosting and just want their websites to run and run well.

“Pressable came about because I noticed the pain current hosting companies were putting business owners through. I wanted to make their lives better,” Luther said, adding that the company’s ultimate goal has never been customer acquisition, but instead customer happiness.

Today, Pressable manages this technical aspect of getting and staying online so that clients can spend more time on the things that matter, like creating great content., one of Pressable’s first sizable clients, describes the managed WordPress hosting provider: “They are the thought leaders when it comes to performance and optimization of WordPress sites. Pressable handles all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website – core upgrades, plugin updates, security and maintenance – so that users can concentrate on reaching their intended audience and creating quality content.”

One very important part of running a WordPress website is being able to deliver a stable, reliable, and consistent user experience to visitors.

Wordpress LogoIf you look at your WordPress website as a house, Pressable would be the foundation of the house. Similar to building a beautiful home, you plan, design, and build your WordPress website.

However, if you place this on top of an unsteady foundation, your beautiful house is not going to be stable. When someone hits your website, you want to welcome them with a fast, stable, and reliable user experience, making them want to come back.

This is where Dyn Managed DNS services come in handy. Pressable is the only WordPress hosting provider that includes premium DNS, (a $200 a month value!) in all service plans.

Why Did Pressable Choose Dyn?

Luther says anycast DNS has played a pivotal role in making Pressable the most reliable hosting platform for WordPress websites. “Dyn’s global anycast network of 18 points around the globe ensures that Pressable WordPress sites are always up and latency is down. Its advanced features mean WordPress sites are less likely to experience outages during major natural disasters and potential security issues.”

“In short, Dyn helps Pressable provide the most reliable hosting platform to clients, so they can spend less time worrying about their site being up and more time focusing on what to tell customers and visitors once they get there.”

What Features Do They Use With Dyn?

“One of the advanced features that we take full advantage of is Active Failover. With this feature, when an outage is detected, we can re-route traffic automatically. Having geographical redundancy for customers ensures Pressable sites stay up and running,” Luther said.

“It’s little things like this that make a big difference in how a WordPress website runs. And we want WordPress websites to run best on Pressable.”

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