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How Dyn Support Helps Give Your Email VIP Access to the Inbox

I once had the pleasure of seeing my favorite band (Dave Matthews, in case you were wondering) with a VIP experience back in 2003. It was awesome. Now, you’re probably saying “But Todd, all Dave concerts are awesome” (and you’d be right), but this one was particularly so because of that VIP pass.

DMB VIPNot only did we get to go backstage to an unforgettable (albeit abrupt) meet and greet, but we also got free food and unlimited beverages. However, there was one snag along the way, and having this VIP pass made what could have been an event-ruining affair into a “no big deal” moment.

Specifically, we had a problem with our seats (another couple supposedly had the same seats we did), and a VIP hospitality member sent us to have a beer and relax while they took care of the problem for us. Had we not had this extraordinary service, we probably would have missed the beginning of the show trying to sort everything out.

Instead, we were met with a smile, told it would be taken care of, and within 15 minutes the problem was resolved. We (and the other couple involved) went on to enjoy an amazing night of great music with 20,000 of our new closest friends.

Recreating The VIP Experience

Here at Dyn, our Support Team is determined to make each interaction into a VIP experience, just like my example above. This is particularly true in the case of email delivery. Yes, it’s true that our platform provides a VIP delivery mechanism, but it’s our Support Team that provides a VIP experience in Account Setup, Configuration, and Deliverability.

Our Support staff are closely integrated amongst each other, sharing knowledge and communicating issues in real time. We are also actively engaged directly with our Operations and Product teams, meaning an escalated problem has multiple sets of eyes on it as soon as possible. We’ve even been known to sound an alarm by throwing a Nerf dart at someone…literally.

Some of the items our Support Team assists with daily include:

  • Account Creation – We provision each account individually, helping to ensure our sending platform is as clean as possible. We work hard to ensure that spammers don’t harm the reputation of those who rely on their transactional and bulk mail getting to the inbox.
  • General Platform Questions – We provide guidance on setting up account items such as Approved Senders and Postback URLs.
  • Platform Management – We actively monitor and resolve any issues that may occur with an ISP as soon as possible.
  • Deliverability Management – Does your open rate appear to be low? Click rate not as high as you’d like? Our support team is fully capable of making suggestions on how you can improve your business’ success. From content analysis to SPF and DKIM management we’ve got you covered.

Our Support team is highly available (24x7x365), well trained, and ready to assist you in tackling all of your email delivery woes. Our platform speaks for itself, but when you add in our world class support team, your email gets the VIP delivery experience it deserves.

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Whois: Todd Dyer

Todd is the Director of Customer Support at Dyn, a cloud-based Internet performance company that helps companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure for an exceptional end-user experience. Follow Dyn on Twitter @Dyn

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