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How Dyn Launched A Page That Earned A Surprising 6x Anticipated Revenue

A few months ago, we launched a new page on our site. I’ll be honest that it’s not something that I thought would have a huge effect and I didn’t think that people would ever notice it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The new page is performing incredibly well, earning six times as much revenue as I initially guessed. This project is a testament to how important it is to remind your customers how much you appreciate them and how imperative it is to take risks.

What We Did

The project in short: when logged in on, a customer sees a “Free” or “VIP” label next to their name. Accidentally, we’d removed the label for about a week and you wouldn’t believe the response we got from customers!

Our appreciation for our customers is something we think about every day, but we’d forgotten the importance of communicating it on the site too. So the label went back up and we added a link to it so users can learn more about what it means to be Free or VIP. Free users see messaging encouraging them to purchase a product and become a VIP user. VIP users are encouraged to renew their services.

One day, this link didn’t exist. The next, it was live on the site. This was totally a new idea that we gave a shot as we hadn’t tried content like it on the site before and had no idea how it’d perform (or if anyone would even notice).

Furthermore, there were a whole lot of people spanning all levels of Dyn’s employee hierarchy involved in this project. We each had different skill sets and we were all from different departments. Everybody worked as a team, regardless of title or department.


If we hadn’t taken the risk, or if we’d put it lower in the “to do” list, we would have had no idea how successful it was. If you continue to simply think “I know this works, so we’ll stick with it” and don’t experiment with new spins on content, calls to action, offerings, etc., you’ll never know what you’re missing.

We went from thinking this element was an easily-overlooked label to earning revenue from it. For us, coming together to demonstrate our love for our customers but still take a risk was a winning solution.

Lara Swanson is the Lead Web Developer for Dyn, the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) leader that features a full suite of DNS and email delivery services for enterprise, personal use and SMBs. Follow on Twitter: @LaraSwanson and @DynInc.

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