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How Can Clients Like the #DynTLC Help You?

We absolutely love our customers.

We know that our competition thinks its annoying how much we brag and gush like proud parents about who we work with. One of them even put out a pathetic press release about it today. (No, I’m not going to hyperlink it.)

My response: Tough…deal with it.

We’re a bunch of Internet geeks who obsess over this stuff and we’re not going to change. We’re relationship-centric across the board and clients are why we’re here and why we’re going to shout from the rooftops consistently to go use their stuff. It’s what we do.

Today, we’re hosting nearly a dozen technology leaders from companies spanning across our four customer verticals: SaaS, E-Commerce, Advertising & Media and Web 2.0 & Fast Growth.

Check out the Thought Leader Council (#DynTLC) crew and learn more about whether your business (or you personally) can benefit from these companies, sites and/or apps. I’m guessing that you can!

In Josh’s post yesterday, he told you a little about the people that make up the TLC. I wanted to go into some detail about the companies they work for.

Who Are The TLC Companies?


Seriously, why ever stay in a hotel again on vacation when we have Lenny Tropiano and the team from Homeaway offering such a cool service? Vacation rentals all over the world provide a really unique vacation experience. If you have a second home, you can also make a bunch of money by adding it to Homeaway.

Fun Fact: Homeaway has a killer roof deck in Austin, TX, at their HQ. Lenny will provide killer breakfast burritos.

Eastern Mountain Sports

Live Free or Die is the New Hampshire motto and what better represents that than Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS)? If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, look for one of their brick-and-mortar locations or log onto their slick Web store.

Fun Fact: Dave Lemaire from EMS is our tallest TLC Member and is a big-time bike rider.


Heroku is a cloud application offering for Ruby and is a new way to build and deploy Web apps. So, if you’re doing either, you should look into connecting with our friends out of San Francisco. They are blowing up and we’re in their add-ons portal.

Fun Fact: Heroku was recently acquired by for a ridiculous valuation. Mark Imbriaco (a client at 37signals as well) won’t divulge exact specifics, but I know he’s not regretting making the leap.


Recently deemed “A Growth Engine Company,” Andy Piggott at Incutio is your man to connect with if you have a Web business looking to vastly scale. Offering a shopping cart system and ridiculous search engine marketing expertise, hit them up if you want to make some loot and grow your biz.

Fun Fact: Andy is competing with himself for the “most flashy shirt on the TLC”. Being from the UK, he has an advantage because Europeans are a littler snazzier when it comes to their wardrobes.


These guys help companies know which online visitors to trust in order to reduce fraud and abuse. If you’re an online business, especially offering online communities or an ecommerce experience, you should look them up.

Fun Fact: Coming from Portland, OR, Eric Rosenberry was the first TLC Member to arrive and has been geeking out with our CTO Tom Daly ever since on his new DC.


Are you an employee, parent, alum or donor of a private K-12 preparatory school? If so, give a look to the suite of SaaS products from WhippleHill, the industry leader in software for this sector.

Fun Fact: I worked at WhippleHill for 6+ years before coming to Dyn and actually resold DynECT while I worked there (without even knowing it!). Kudos Doug Smart.

The EchoNest

When Mark Fogg worked for Tremor Media, we made a deal: sign with us and we’ll save you a seat aboard our TLC. Now at EchoNest, an analytics and database company for the music industry, Mark is a client once again and his company is killing it.

Fun Fact: EchoNest is based out of the ultra-fun and growing Cambridge, MA, and are the brains behind Music Hack Day.

Fastly (Wikia)

This is the brainchild of Artur Bergman, formerly of Wikia, who basically is a ridiculous Internet and operations mind. Fastly is a secret project accepting betas in the Infrastructure space. I honestly have no clue if I’m supposed to tell you what it is yet, but I feel special being in the know.

Fun Fact: Artur did such a killer job building the service infrastructure at Wikia that they kicked him out and invested in him building this great new company. Go beta-ize yourself.


Figuring out the revenue attribution game in the online advertising world, DataSong is a new company looking to make sure your online spend is appropriately delegated. If you are selling online, you should definitely make the call.

Fun Fact: One of our first advertising industry enterprise clients — Brandon Mason — was a big VP at AudienceScience back in 2009 when they signed with us. They said Goodbye Hardware and jumped on our GSLB services.


Advertising agencies and large brands unite and check out MediaMath. Talk about a forward thinking group offering a pretty slick platform to simplify your online media spend.

Fun Fact: I met Jason Evans for the first time at the one and only NANOG event I attended in San Francisco (coincidentally where we are opening up a new office). I’m pretty positive I was the only non-techie at the whole event, but I threw a crazy fun party. Could the sys admins have made that happen?

And the ultimate fun fact?

We’re proud to have all of them as clients, friends and pillars of our success.

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Kyle York
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