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Dyn Research: Where Do Companies Host Their Websites?

We recently did a study where we looked at where our customers’ websites are hosted, so we could get a better glimpse into the web hosting space. We also looked at the market share numbers for top traffic websites by Alexa Ranking, and also for large enterprises.

Here are some of our key takeaways:

  • The top 15 hosting providers together accounted for under 35% of where our customers are hosted.
  • This means the remaining 65% are either self-hosted or are using smaller hosting providers.
  • These numbers go further when we look at a wide cross-section of Alexa websites: 25% for the Alexa 10K and 21% for the Alexa 100K.
  • Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Softlayer clearly hold the top three spots for market share.

Here’s what we found, thanks to some great insight from our friends at Datanyze:

Dyn Research 1

DynECT Customers

About 22% of our 2000+ DynECT enterprise level customers are hosted at either Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Softlayer with Amazon ranking No. 1.

Dyn Research 2

Alexa 10K and Alexa 100K

Next up: Alexa 10K and 100K segments. Did we see any interesting patterns?

  • AWS and Softlayer seem to have the highest market share in the Alexa 10K segment.
  • Softlayer has the largest share in in the broader & lower traffic Alexa 100K segment.
  • As expected, lower-priced hosting sites like GoDaddy, Ovh, and Hetzner had relatively higher market share in the Alexa 100K than in the Alexa 10K websites.

Dyn Research 3

Dyn Research 4

Large Enterprises

For this study, it was important for us to review websites with high traffic. However, we also wanted to look at where the large enterprises were hosted, defined as any company with more than 1000 employees. We looked at a total of 25K such enterprises globally for this analysis.

The total penetration for this segment is about 11.3%, with the graph below showing Rackspace with thrice the market share as the next largest provider. This will be an interesting market segment to keep an eye on.

Dyn Research 5

Our conclusions

We’ll use this unique to Dyn customer hosting data to improve DynECT Managed DNS and Traffic Management services, prospect more joint accounts, and forge strong hosting partnerships with shared vendors of our esteemed clients. Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Softlayer prove to be glaringly obvious collaborative partners, but the opportunity for lower cost or specialized hosting providers to layer on a premium DNS services is equally apparent (see our favorites and host of, Firehost).

Using Managed DNS and DNS-based Traffic Management (load balancing) services as a performance facilitator, traffic controller, hosting redundancy enabler and overall abstraction layer for content delivery is on the rise. Let me know if there are any other interesting studies you’d like us to research and share.

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