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Launching Our Hong Kong Datacenter

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn today announced the launch of its brand new Hong Kong data center, the company’s first operations base in the Asia Pacific region.

The new Hong Kong datacenter has been brought online as part of the company’s top tier, globally redundant, geographically distributed DNS network. This exclusive, finely-tuned setup answers more than a billion queries per day from six locations worldwide, spread over three continents and carefully balanced according to network demand. The company caters to more than two million users, around the clock.

This new expansion guarantees faster-than-ever answers to DNS queries and even greater resilience levels in this highly active region of the globe.

Through careful carrier selection, regular over-provisioning and a custom setup, the network is able to withstand catastrophic failures and peaks in demand without disrupting service to its users. In fact, no natural catastrophe to date has succeeded in disrupting it globally, making it a key asset for critical service providers as well as any organization with global needs.

The new Hong Kong base has been hand chosen by the company’s administrators for its exceptional connectivity and the safety of its location. It is the first in a series of planned locations spanning the globe, to be opened over the course of the next few months.

The new datacenter already answers queries for all of the company’s DNS offerings: DynTLD, its registry operator service that manages entire TLDs, Dynect, its business system that caters to large corporations and, its flagship home and small business brand.

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