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Holiday Email Marketing: When Deliverability Matters Most

You’ve constructed the perfect holiday email campaign. Your team has worked all summer on strategy, copy reviews, creative, list segmentation and more. Email is a major driver of business for your company and this is promising to be your biggest holiday season ever.

The big day for your first email has arrived and it all comes down to hitting ‘Send’. You click that magical button and sit back, looking forward to a great day of ecommerce sales and cha-ching all day long. But after an hour, your open rates are dreadfully low. No one is clicking through. You give it a few hours. Still extremely low. What is going on? You sweat, you panic and then, you come to that realization that marketers dread….

…you picked the wrong email delivery company and now your revenue is paying the price at the worst possible time.

Regardless of whether you need a company like Dyn for delivery or a front-end/back-end combo email services provider, there are some key questions you need to ask of anyone you trust to deliver your email.

Online Shopping - Email DeliveryThe reason why should be obvious: email needs to get delivered and done so the right way.

Deliverability isn’t a guarantee and is a result of hard work and staying ahead of the curve.

According to comScore, Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) accounted for nearly $1.03 billion in sales — the largest day for 2010 online sales by a wide margin.

When you account for Black Friday (and even Turkey Day itself) bringing in another $1 billion combined, driving consumers to your website or brick-and-mortar location via email is key, making prime email delivery mission critical.

Here’s a few questions I was routinely asked in my four years in email services
, both of existing clients and those looking to move services to us:

– Do you have a deliverability expert on staff? If not, who assists when there are issues?

– How do you screen clients to avoid spammers? Is there any approval procedure?

– Am I sending off a shared IP range? What are the benefits and negatives?

– How can I see campaign performance (opens, clicks, etc)?

– How quickly do emails deploy? What’s your estimated delivery per minute?

On the flip side, here’s a few questions I would ask of clients:

– What types of emails are you sending (text, all-image, good mix)?

– How did you build your lists?

– Do you routinely review your creative and various approaches?

– What current issues are you running into with your existing provider (assuming there is one)?

– How do you view success?

As I write this, we’re five weeks away from the hellacious holiday shopping season kicking off. We’ve told you about why website uptime is important (and even showed you), so as our Tom Denniston suggested, heed our advice on email delivery as well: ask these questions now and avoid that panicked feeling later.

If you’re not getting the answers you like from your current providers, we can always help.

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