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Dyn CEO Joins DNSSEC Coalition

Up Next: Jeremy Hitchcock Meets with Global Industry Leaders on Root Scaling Issues at IETF on Monday, March 23 in San Francisco

MANCHESTER, NH Jeremy Hitchcock, the CEO of Dyn, a global DNS provider, has joined other Internet industry leaders as a member of the Domain Name System Security Extensions Industry Coalition (DNSSEC Industry Coalition).

The DNSSEC Industry Coalition is made up of domain name registries and industry security experts who share a common goal of working towards adoption of DNS Security Extensions and addressing the serious security issues identified by the Kaminsky Attack.

The flaws in the DNS system and the potential solutions available to plug these holes have been around for years, but it wasn’t until the Kaminsky Attack gained attention that the industry as a whole decided to take action,” said Hitchcock. “DNSSEC is an existing solution, but one of the goals of this coalition is to establish standards and assign a root zone to facilitate global acceptance and implementation.”

Hitchcock recently returned from a coalition meeting in Washington, DC, participating in discussions led by Vin Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, and Dan Kaminsky, an Internet security expert credited with identifying the Kaminsky Attack.

Read the Dyn Dynamic Discourse journal entry about the coalition meeting:

On Monday, March 23, Hitchcock will be meeting with other members of a coalition sub-group at the Internet Engineering Task Force conference in California to begin addressing root scaling issues.

“As a registrar and DNS operator, Dyn wants ensure to that the when a person types in a domain name the right Web site comes up, and DNSSEC makes that possible,” added Hitchcock. “Ultimately the broad scope of what we’re working on is trying to make the Internet more secure.”

About Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

With DNSSEC, Internet users know that their Internet-based communications such as web site visits and email correspondence actually connect to the parties they intend to reach. DNSSEC thwarts attacks such as pharming, cache poisoning, and DNS redirection that have been used to commit fraud, distribute malware, or steal personal or confidential information. For more information on DNSSEC, please visit .

About the DNSSEC Industry Coalition

The DNSSEC Industry Coalition is a global group of registries and industry experts whose mission is to work collaboratively to facilitate adoption of Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and streamline the implementations across Domain Name Registries. Members work together to establish a consistent set of tools and applications, shared best practices, specifications and shared nomenclature. DNSSEC Industry Coalition members include both generic Top-Level Domain and country code Top-Level Domain registries along with industry and educational experts of the Domain Name System. The Coalition was founded by .ORG, The Public Interest Registry in August 2008.

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