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Hiring Bonanza – Welcome Aboard New Dyners

Things are quite busy around Dyn Inc. headquarters these days with 13 new employees starting over a two-month period. Actually, we have six more open jobs for those of you out there looking to work for NH’s “Coolest Small Company for Young Professionals.” True Story.

Our own Gray Chynoweth, VP, Business Operations has been so swamped he hasn’t even been able to write the new hire intro emails – he handles HR across the board and seeks to find folks out there who actually know what managed DNS is. We’ve been giving him a hard time about it (lawyers are easy to pick on), but really we love him and appreciate all the things he brings to our growing company. He’s a tireless worker.

So, to help him out we decided to write this blog and introduce every new employee by providing one “random fun fact” about him or her (they may or may not have been informed about it – we did back channel research). We hope you enjoy meeting the expanding team and working with them in the future. We know we’re excited about it.

A big THANK YOU shout out goes to Edward Bender for helping pull it all together. After all, he is our “Secret/Special/Skunk Ops” guy.



My Spec Ops research on the fresh meat is as follows. Submitted for your approval, the largest “Welcome to Dyn” email to date:

See below, thanks,



Juliane Theriault – Executive Admin
Juliane gave up her career as a “Street Artiste” in Paris to come work at Dyn, as well as a noted Gargoyle historian of the Notre Dame cathedral. She can tell you each one of their names, where they sit upon the giant church, and what it represents. Please bombard her with questions regarding this, but only in Argot (pigeon French slang.)

John D’Amato – Account Rep
Ah yes, another addition to the Bedford Boys (see below). If you need to talk to Kyle K, you go through John. Best known for his ability to leave the country in a moments notice; John recently spent 3 months in remote Chile hiding from something, but he hasn’t told us what yet. $20 to whoever cracks him and gets us the dirt.  John is also taking the lead on organizing the Bedford Boys; thereby fulfilling @kyork20‘s dream to have a Dyn boy band. Debuting at a 2010 Dyn Company Holiday Party near you!

Kyle Karamanoogian – Account Rep
Following on John’s introduction, here we have Kyle. Let it be known that Kyle and John are inexplicably linked via the Bedford-bro continuum. If you need to talk to John, you go through Kyle (conversely, see above.) He, D’Amato, and “the York boys” all grew up hitting each other with bats and running around large fields hurling hard objects at each other, a tradition we are trying to discourage while in-office.

Bobby Condon – Account Rep
As anyone who has studied high school sports in North America can attest, Bobby Condon is, hands down, the worst lacrosse player from Amherst, New Hampshire. Bobby held this title for 4 years in a row during high school, at which point it was decided that this title/responsibility was worthy of a life term. Great guy though, despite his penchant for copy machines and reprography, an industrial pursuit akin to investing in dial-up modem chip manufactures.

Brian McCall – Account Rep
Brian “Sweet as a Peach” McCall is a hybrid Georgian/Tennessean gentleman who’s savant-grade warehouse of obscure indie-rock and psych-pop information is perhaps only rivaled by Wikipedia and the staff over at (combined.) Yes, that is a RUSH carrier bag he uses. And yes, he actually listens to RUSH and isn’t just claiming to like Prog Rock like the Brooklyn hipsters. This guy is the real deal. He’s a BBQ master and spends his evenings tending to his orchids. He is currently the resident “lives closest to Dyn” champion… (sorry, Stein.) Anyone need a photographer for anything? Ask Brian to show you some of his shots!

Misael Diaz – Partner Development Rep
Starting Monday (Nov 15) only guy with a WPI background that’s not an engineer. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Born in the Dominican Republic and now native to Worcester, Misael joins our Biz Dev efforts as well as brings another musician into Dyn folds – percussion specifically. The man’s life is a screenplay in the making, take him to lunch some time and say hello.

Matt Durazzani – Product Manager
Matt was born high above the Italian Alps (Alpi) in a Gondola. His Apgar test was not the common “drop the kid on it’s back, see if it cries” but rather; slap some skis on this kid, throw him off the lift, see if he can ski into Switzerland. And that he did. Little known fact; Matt is the first person in Dyn history to call shenanigans on The Bridge Cafe’s use of Pesto sauce in their Bella Rose sandwich.

Kevin Gray – Technology Integrator
If there is one question/challenge you must never ask Kevin, it’s “so what do you bench.” Dude actually keeps weights hidden under his desk in hopes that some unwilling victim will walk by and ask the wrong thing; only to get schooled minutes later. But don’t let that intimidate you; he coaches pop-warner football, and by joining the team at Dyn – is doing his part to save the environment by cutting his commute time from an hour a day (somewhere in Massachusetts) to 10 minutes.

Michele Mulkern – Accounting Specialist
Two rules folks, don’t mess with SNHU finance tutors, and don’t mess with the finance department. That is, the folks that are responsible for making sure that our customers actually pay us. As anyone in sales can attest, upon joining the team here @ Dyn, Michele wasted no time in whipping the team into shape with bringing better organization to the billing process and tracking of overages. Sure, we can bring all kinds of great clients and land sweet deals but if no one is there to actually collect the money then the model is fundamentally broken. Linda loves her.

Farrah Beaudoin – Executive Admin
Any DNS company needs a resident expert in West Virginia Sheet Metal technologies. It’s like rule one when you are trying to scale. We finally found ours in Farrah, who is joining our team via a quick stint in Austin. Watch this one, she’s obviously fiercely competitive; for those of you who were at the Rising Stars event you will note that Farrah’s husband employer (BAE Systems – actually, check that – he’s just in the same building!) joined us in the “Coolest Companies to Work For” award. Summary: Sheet Metal, West Virginia, a husband in the defense industry – finally Daly has met his match.

Joe Stelmach – Software Engineer

To quote Josh Delisle (Joe’s friend:) “Joe is a nice guy. He just got married. Unlike you marketing goons, he has a real job so don’t bug him.” Well thanks Josh, very helpful as always. You never know with these ex-Geek Squad people… some times they’ll talk about their time in the service; some times you say “ah so you were in the Geek Squad eh?” and it’s as if you just asked Grandpa “Hey Gramps, tell me about that Battle of Stallingrad you were in, you know, the one where almost a million Soviets perished and a couple hundred thousand prisoners were taken?” Your choice. Like Josh said, he’s a nice guy.

Isaac Onigman – DynDNS Support Ninja

If you see Isaac hiding from the Sun, or hissing at daylight, it’s because we just rescued him from a graveyard shift at Single Digits, broadband/Wifi ISP based here in lovely Manchester. Please do your part in welcoming him during this nocturnal/daytime transition by keeping the shades drawn and the citrus fruits (limes, mainly) in abundant supply.

Jason Ku – DynDNS Support Ninja
A wealth of extremely helpful information, Jason know’s the “dirty” secrets of the return policies at Wal-Mart better than anyone else in the DNS industry. Go ahead and ask him. Seriously. But don’t tell him we sent you. He’s bringing more and more patience to our DynDNS Ninja Squad.

Tyler Hall – System Admin
In certain circles – like the creepy, clandestine, “Skull and Bones” DNS cults where Tom hangs out, you will hear tale of this man, this Tyler Hall, of Arizona. Tyler started up and pretty much ran EditDNS as a one-man show, until the Dynzilla came knocking and gobbled him up, in the friendliest way. In addition to his responsibilities as a Sysadmin; he’ll be the go-to guy for those of you who experience Seasonal Affectedness Disorder this Winter and need someone to talk to. We’ll set up some webcams and UV lights. Dude probably has central air.

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Kyle York
Whois: Kyle York

Kyle York is GM & VP, Product Strategy, and has been a long-time executive, having joined in 2008. Over the years, he has held go-to-market leadership roles in worldwide sales, marketing, and services. In his current role, Kyle focuses on overall corporate strategy, including: positioning and evangelism, new market entry, strategic alliances and partnerships, M&A, and business development. Outside of Oracle Dyn, Kyle is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor in several startups.

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