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Hear Lisa Hagemann Speak About Perl At SCALE 9X This Sunday

There’s nothing better to help defrost from the long winter of 2011 than a trip to sunny Los Angeles, CA, which is where our VP of Engineering Lisa Hagemann is heading as she presents at SCALE 9x this Sunday.

No, SCALE isn’t about reptiles or climbing up buildings but it’s the Southern California Linux Expo — currently in its 9th year and taking place at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

Quite simply, it’s the premiere Open Source conference in the U.S. and is perfect for developers, sysadmins, beginners or just general interest. (C’mon, you know you had a Linux poster in your room as a kid.)

As part of the typical expo style (over 80 booths), there will be some presentations with Lisa being a featured attraction with Pontificating on Perl Profiling, a session that will guide the beginner Perl user through the whys and hows of code profiling. Here’s the full rundown and a little more on Lisa herself from SCALE and a little more from us. The session kicks off on Sunday at 1:30 pm PST in the Century CD room.

For more info on SCALE 9x, visit their website. Registration is needed to attend.

And if you see Lisa this weekend, feel free to ask for autographs and pictures…just wait until the presentation is done!

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