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Question For Readers: Have You Moved Your Data Center Recently?

At Dyn we have 18 points-of-presence around the world.  These data centers help ensure that your website is always running fast and reliably. Naturally, we take their care and maintenance very seriously, which is why we’re always checking to make sure our data centers are running at optimal capacity.

This diligence led us to move both our Hong Kong and London data centers recently. The reason for this move: both facilities had maxed out on power.

This isn’t a surprise. In fact it embodies a trend in the industry.

If you were to close your eyes and walk around the new full data center, you’d be very surprised. You may expect to see racks overflowing but in reality you would find a building in which racks are only a third populated. Yet the data center is still full because it is out of power and cooling. This reality means people have to re-evaluate how they scale their business. (Check back in on this blog in coming weeks as I’ll have a longer post on this).

An example of a “full” data center.

This move got me thinking: How many other companies have moved data centers recently? Have you?

If you have, let me know by tweeting at me at @cvwdyn or @dyn. Also let me know why you moved. Was the facility out of power? Was the customer service subpar? Did you feel there were security issues?

I don’t need to know which data center specifically, not trying to pick favorites. I just want to gather some information on this topic, which I will compile into a more detailed report.

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