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Alert! Alert! Google Says DNS is Important Validates 10+ Years of DNS Services offered by Dyn

MANCHESTER, NH – Dyn, a leading DNS service provider based in Manchester, NH, recently gained validation, approval, exposure and increased credibility from Google Inc. that its technology service offerings are increasingly relevant.

The Mountain View, CA based Google, the largest ads provider on the Internet, as well as, an Internet search, e-mail, online mapping, office productivity, social networking, video sharing, open source web browser and mobile operating system provider recently announced its launch of Google Public DNS. Google Public DNS is a recursive DNS service that allows users to replace their ISP recursive DNS servers with IP addresses from Google for better performance, security and accuracy of Web queries.

Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO at Dyn gives his insight. “For over 10 years we’ve been building technology built upon the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). Today we celebrate a victory of unprecedented proportions as Google rolls out a service based upon similar DNS technology. Although the focus of their Public DNS service revolves around recursive DNS and our DynDNS and DynECT Platform services are authoritative DNS solutions, we bought a cake, popped some champagne, and celebrated this important milestone in our space.”

In Section II of their Introduction to Google Public DNS, Google discusses, “What it is and isn’t” and gives recognition to Dyn’s consumer brand, DynDNS, as the only example of an authoritative DNS provider for domain names.

Google Public DNS is not, however, any of the following:
A DNS hosting or failover service. Google Public DNS is not a third-party DNS application service provider, such as DynDNS, that hosts authoritative records for other domains.

Dyn also offers the DynECT Platform for corporations and enterprises looking to outsource their authoritative DNS to experts. The DynECT Platform is a globally redundant IP anycast DNS network with advanced features including: Active Failover, Round Robin Load Balancing, Global Traffic Management and CDN Manager. Proving once again that many important services can be delivered via the Domain Name System.

Some 3rd party providers are calling foul play, speaking of a monopoly over a users end-to-end Internet experience. Dyn has an entirely different perspective and hopes to lock arms tightly with Google Public DNS, as a DynECT Platform authoritative solution mixed with Google recursive DNS resolvers, would make websites and online applications faster than ever for an end user.

“We always knew that our commitment to offering superior DNS services would someday go mainstream,” says Hitchcock. “When we first started as a free Dynamic DNS provider (originally in 1998 (the same year Google was founded) and incorporated at WPI in 2001, we dreamt of a day when the DNS acronym would hit traditional online sites like The New York Times, and make it to present day respected news outlets like, Mashable. We couldn’t be happier.”

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