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Getting the Full Elephant On Internet Performance

Do you know the story of the blind men and the elephant? I just heard it from a colleague and it made me think of our quest to educate the world on the importance and ROI of Internet Performance. It goes like this: the blind men were asked to describe what an elephant looked like. One who felt a leg said the elephant was like a pillar; the one who felt the tail said the elephant was like a rope; and the one who felt the trunk said, “The elephant is like a snake.”

None of them were completely wrong, but none of them had gotten the full elephant either. Much like many have yet to understand, invest in, or implement how to best monitor, control and optimize online infrastructure.


We sometimes run into a similar challenge when we talk about our tagline “Internet Performance. Delivered.” The idea is larger than a tagline.  It’s our market, it’s our industry, it’s our DNA. “So, it’s Managed DNS?” we’re asked, because that’s what Dyn is known for, of course. “Is it Traffic Management?” “Your new product family around Internet Intelligence?”

Well yes, it’s all those things… but like the elephant, the total of Internet Performance is much greater than the sum of its parts. Internet Performance is a different way of thinking about your relationship with the Internet – an approach to improve the availability, security, speed of your Internet infrastructure to fuel your business initiatives (costs) and expand your revenue growth.


An Internet Performance approach provides actionable insight into Internet conditions and gives you the tools you need to respond effectively to Internet dynamics and make your customers’ online path to you fast, secure and reliable.

Dyn is the standard for solutions in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing online infrastructure so that businesses can maximize their Internet Performance to gain an online competitive advantage. And every business is an Internet business.

We’re not going to try to sell you any part of that online infrastructure. Dyn isn’t a CDN, colocation or datacenter, an ISP, or Cloud hosting provider. We are a layer above that. We provide a neutral, unbiased, vendor-agnostic Internet Performance approach. We act as “the Switzerland of the Internet,” – working with you to help you select the best providers and solutions to optimize your Internet infrastructure for revenue, availability, security, speed and cost. We live a layer above every important infrastructure decision you make.

It’s our extensive experience in Internet Intelligence, Traffic Management, business continuity planning, security, Internet protocols – all the different solutions, datasets, technologies, networks, that make up the elephant that is “Internet Performance” – which makes Dyn truly unique. We think no other vendor comes close to the depth and breadth of our Internet Performance solutions, our global network, our industry leading team, our customer service, or for our vision of what Internet Performance will become.

As I said, Internet Performance is a different way of thinking (remember, Apple’s Think Different approach) about your relationship with the Internet and to make it work better for you, your business and your customers— to turn the Internet into a competitive advantage.. It’s an approach to keep you ahead of problems and maximize your opportunities for increased revenue and decreased costs with your infrastructure providers.

Like the blind men with the elephant, it can be difficult to see the whole picture, but Dyn believes that companies who get the full elephant of Internet Performance will not only win, but win big. It’s our responsibility to help get you there.

I recently spoke at EnterConf in Belfast June 19th on the ROI you can realize with an Internet Performance approach, and later in the month, on June 30th, I’ll be speaking with HubSpot’s CIO, Jim O’Neill, on how Internet Performance can help optimize your business performance. I hope you’ll check both links out to learn more about Internet Performance.

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Kyle York
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