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Get Your Email Newsletter Read: Top 5 Best Practices For Changing Your Sending Address

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Newsletters are an important part of most companies’ marketing strategy. They are a great way to strengthen relationships, while offering up new and useful information. Of course, none of that happens if customers do not open the newsletter. To do that, they have to know who it is coming from.

A co-worker recently came to our deliverability team and asked for some suggestions on how to manage the process of changing the send from address for our customer newsletters.

Here’s the top 5 things we consider when making a change like this.

Keep it relevant

The last thing your user base is interested in is getting emails from an address that doesn’t make any sense to them. Making the address resemble the content that is delivered from it will set user expectations, lower complaints and keep engagement up.Email Return To Sender

Sponsor and monitor conversations

As I’ve written in previous posts like “Treating Email Delivery Like a Discussion”, I always suggest attempting to sponsor a conversation through any address bulk emails are sent from.

If a customer has a question, comment or simply would like to purchase something, you’ll need to monitor the email address to be sure and catch it!

Send from addresses that have reputations

ISPs develop and maintain reputations for send from addresses, starting with either a fresh address with a lesser known reputation or an older address with a reputation from the mail it was previously sending.

Switching slowly will help you track your progress and will lessen the risk of causing revenue impacting deliverability issues from a quick switch. Check out my previous post on measuring deliverability.

Plan for the future

Another option you have is to plan to separate the reputation of various types of mail. Some do this by separating the send from address or even the subdomain they send from. This will set you up for the future if you have multiple mail streams to manage.

Don’t forget to communicate the change to your customers

Plan on telling everyone on your mailing list ahead of time in a couple newsletters that the send from name will be changing. This will ensure that your user base knows that the change is coming and they will watch for it. Secondly, you can ask them to add you to their address book to ensure continued delivery.

Let me know via email, Twitter or in the comments below if you have other important things to watch/monitor when changing your send from address or if you have any stories we can all learn from!

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