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Georgia on my mind

We’ve been keeping an eye on Georgia all week. It’s rather hard not to as the media keeps calling, looking for a juicy story. (It’s amusing how the questions can seem designed solely to confirm a story that has already been partially written.) Not being schooled in this “art”, we haven’t been able to invent any interesting “facts”, as the network infrastructure of Georgia has been relatively stable all week. But then today, we did see about one third of the country go away again for an extended period. Since it wasn’t the entire country, we didn’t rush out and buy oil futures. And since the outaged networks did come back, we’re assuming this event was due to a temporary (although perhaps extensive) power outage.

The following graph displays the percentage of unstable and outaged prefixes (networks) that geo-locate to Georgia for the time period of 09:00 to 14:00 UTC on August 15. Over 68% of the outaged networks originated from United Telecom of Georgia (AS 35805), a large local DSL provider. Most of the rest (over 28%) were from Wanex Ltd (AS 15491). The unstable networks were more evenly divided between United Telecom (46%), Wanex (21%) and Mobitel LLC (AS 41738 at 21%).

So after a week of relative quiet on the networking front in Georgia, it seems that wide-spread outages are still very much in the offing.

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