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Geek Week 2011: Celebrating Our Inner Geek

When I started here in January, I kept hearing about Geek Week. There was a sign featuring a unique logo in our old game room and pics were floating around of fellow Dyners dressed up as pirates, random Star Wars cookies and such. I kept thinking, “What is this? Will it happen again?”

Earlier this summer, I was stoked to hear that Geek Week would return and as I type this, we are in the middle of our 3rd annual celebration of our inner geek.

What exactly does that mean? Cold pizza, Donkey Kong tournaments, board games, a big DynTini and a general great feeling at 150 Dow Street.

Welcome to Geek Week ’11!

At its core, Geek Week is a celebration of Dyn culture and this year has a little more importance considering how much we’ve grown since last year’s event. With so many new faces from IT to email to sales and so on, this week gives our employees a chance to interact on a different level, tell a little more about what they “geek” out about and learn more about others.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain about what the schedule is for the week. Maybe you can get ideas for your week or help contribute to our 4th event in 2012.

Every day

Dyn - Star Wars Lounge

A different style of breakfast is served every day. So far, we’ve had Pop Tarts, cold pizza and Eggos with a big Friday pancake breakfast set to be cooked up by our CEO Jeremy.

In our Dyn Lounge, movies are playing non-stop (think Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Spider-Man, UHF, Harry Potter, etc), right next to our arcade machine playing the classics. Every day, we have a new contest for a high score with a different game. It’s pretty cool to see new employees flock around the machine on different days and say, “I used to be awesome at this game!”

Also in the afternoons, we have Snack Attacks with various snack foods available in our massive kitchen. Think after-school type stuff or quick-eat munchies.


Geek Week ’11 officially kicked off with our opening ceremonies, featuring some of the biggest geek celebrities in history: McLovin’, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man), Back To The Future’s Doc Brown, Garth and Apple’s former head honcho Steve Jobs, brought to life admirably by The Unofficial Dyn Players.

The evening events kicked off with Board Game Night. As one of the Geek Week planners Mike Taylor used to work in a store that specialized in them, this seemed like a natural fit! On the docket were Survive, Forbidden Island, Tsuro, 7 Wonders, PitchCar and Magic: the Gathering.


The afternoon featured a paper airplane competition and my favorite part of the week thus far: 5-10 minutes presentations on what people geek out on. It could be anything as long as people have a story to tell and are passionate.

To give an example, I gave a presentation on comics, Brian McCall talked about BBQ meat (with samples!), Mike Taylor talked board games, Ed Bender discussed community service with City Life, Dan McCombs described how he restored a Mortal Kombat arcade machine and Kelley Rowe admitted that he’s a huge Age Of Empires fan.

After hours, we had one of our famous LAN Parties with the game of choice being Team Fortress 2.


Dyn Board Game Night

A competition of skill and teamwork kicks off Wednesday afternoon with a structure building contest. Teams of 2 or more will have 20 minutes to build a freestanding structure out of the materials provided (tape, newspaper, paper) with the tallest free standing structure winning.

Another group (Dan McAuliffe, Tab Julius, Tom Denniston, Neil Schelly and Lynda Elliott) give some great presentations with some great snacks, but the main event is our DynTini that starts at 5:30 PM.

The event features live music from Lee MacDougall & Albert Aguilar and is our only open-to-the-public event during Geek Week. If you’re in Manchester, RSVP now! While the party is going on, we’ll also be hosting a Magic: The Gathering Tournament.


Mike LoVerme, Dave DePiano, Erik Bertrand, Carl Levine and Jason Ku give afternoon presentations and we do a field trip to FunSpot for a Dyn-A-Thon Arcade Challenge for our nighttime activity.


Jeremy’s big pancake breakfast kicks off Friday morning with the early afternoon featuring the Werewolves of Millers Hollow game. In this game, players take on the role of different villagers in a small medieval town and have to work together to deduce who among them is a werewolf before the werewolf eliminates them.

And like the Olympics, we’ll have awards and prizes at the Geek Week Closing Ceremonies.

So there you have it: a fun and diverse week with a myriad of activities that appeal to our wide range of employees. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page and look for videos from the various events throughout the week.

If you had a similar week, what events would you put together? What types of food would you eat? Comment below and help us plan Geek Week ’12!

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