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Gartner: Your SaaS Provider’s Dashboard May Not Show It All

One of our favorite conversations to come up when talking with new prospects about our monitoring and intelligence capabilities comes when people respond, “Well I get it, and that’s really cool — but my cloud/CDN/SaaS provider already gives me a dashboard with a green light when things are good, and a red one when there’s an issue. What more do I need than that?” The problem with that school of thought is that while there are solutions that can show you how your application or network, or other tools you are using are performing, there are so many other levels of infrastructure that these dashboards don’t take into account; namely, the internet.

Dyn gives companies visibility into the black box of the internet, which many view as an extension of their own networks. You see, providers of cloud services and other SaaS tools want you to feel safe and confident in their dashboards and the information they’re sharing with you, and from their point of view they might be sharing all that they can see. Unfortunately, most of these providers don’t have the depth and insights of data that Dyn has been able to build with our network and monitoring tools over the last sixteen years.

A group on analysts on the IT Operations team at Gartner, Cameron Haight, Vivek Bhalla, and Sanjit Ganguli, recently wrote a report titled “Monitoring the Move to Exchange Online” (Gartner subscription required) that focused on just this issue. The report focused on SaaS-based services like Microsoft’s Exchange Online and the Office 365 environment that can unfortunately limit the enterprise’s visibility into issues impacting their performance and availability. The analysts wrote that “Microsoft, like all SaaS providers, cannot control the “end-to-end,” internet-based infrastructure” — which is one of the differentiators we think makes Dyn so special.

Providers of SaaS-based services will inevitably have gaps in the visibility they have into their end users’ entire experience. That’s why Gartner recommends to use a third-party monitoring technology that does not rely on data from Microsoft’s services. Specifically, the analysts state that enterprises should “use an internet monitoring service like Dyn’s Internet Intelligence offering to receive insight into performance problems that might originate in the public network infrastructure lines between Microsoft and your company.

Of course, once you have visibility into what’s really happening across the internet, you still need to be able to then take action on that intel (Dyn can also help with that); but that’s a topic for another blog post. You now have a second basket for your eggs — you’re welcome.

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Tom Snow
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