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What it Means to be a Founding Member of the DynDNS Community

In just under 10 years Dyn has transformed from a big idea in a small college apartment to a full scale organization that has served over 12 million home/SMB users as well as a growing number of enterprises businesses. Throughout that time one idea has remained constant – listen to your users to decide how to grow.

This concept is how Dyn’s founding members were able to grow from a handful of users to millions of loyal followers and how from a service funded by donations they were able to transform into a market leader in DNS services. Listening and learning from users is also how Dyn detected the demand for a more robust enterprise solution and why they decided to launch their successful DynECT platform in 2007.

We truly value the relationship we have built with our users and would like to extend the outreach even further by asking you the question, what’s next? If you would like to share your experiences and uses of DynDNS with us (and the world) and take an active role in the future of our services, then we would like you to be one of the founding members of the DynDNS community.

So what exactly does being a founding member entail? In truth it’s relatively painless. All it requires is that you continue to be a voice and an advocate for Dyn and DynDNS, but that you are leading the conversation, being loud about it and extending the buzz and excitement beyond the message boards and into everyday.

Think you fit the mold of a DynDNS enthusiast? Contact today to join in.

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