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Five Reasons Why Geo Traffic Management Is Your New DNS Best Friend

For years, the name of the game in managed DNS has been speed. Fast and faster are the two settings and just like your old antique 486, why would you ever turn off the turbo button? This mentality has been the bread and butter of Dyn and its DynECT Managed DNS platform.

We have strategically located our data centers and colocated with the best providers to maximize our Anycast network. We’ve iterated over and over again to eek out the best in software, systems and infrastructure. We’ve leveraged the power of DNS to give customers fast and reliable monitoring, effective failover and load balancing and at each step, we’re always paying attention to the effects on latency. And it’s all paid off: we’re fast.

From one globally distributed company to another, “Sometimes speed alone isn’t enough.” With the likes of Traffic Management and Real Time Traffic Management, we’ve already given our customers more control to distribute their traffic regionally and to do it quickly, but what if the structure of the internet doesn’t fit the business’ model, networking limitations, content needs or distribution model?

Here’s five reasons why Geo Traffic Management (GeoTM) is the answer.


Network Tuning

Since its inception, Dyn has leveraged the benefits of a natural Anycast drag to regionalize traffic for our customers. Now imagine a small European ISP that is sitting on the West Coast. This company has picked some bandwidth providers that work great at providing internet for their customers but are now favoring some paths that end up in the U.S. GeoTM allows customers to correct for these anomalies by specifying the affected countries and supplementing the normal Traffic Manager behavior.

Australia might not be in Asia

The growth of both the Asian and Oceania markets has made the necessity for traffic in countries such as China and Australia to be more targeted than just the Eastern hemisphere. Added to this is a regional propensity for traffic to favor going to the U.S. or Europe when it needs to ask a question, not to mention the costs associated with traffic being pulled halfway around the world.

Cloud Balancing

The cost of bandwidth and the deliverability of content can come into play for customers who are relying on the cloud to host and serve traffic. These cloud services provide a simple CNAME to point to the nodes that come and go. When this spans multiple regions and some of those regions pay a premium for bandwidth, then it’s time to be creative. CDNs can be price shopped per country to weigh the benefits of regional or global distribution networks. Content can be balanced between cloud regions to help keep traffic where it’ll get the best response.

Content Distribution

With over 22 Spanish speaking countries in the world, geographically distributed traffic isn’t always the best or easiest choice for a content architecture. GeoTM allows customers to create their own regions for their own needs. Language, politics and personal grudges are now available to the customer when deciding where their traffic should go.

The Facts

But really, what does GeoTM do?

  • Customized responses based on country of originating DNS resolver
  • State and province support for U.S. and Canada
  • Large set of supported record types including A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SPF, SRV, SSHFP and DHCID
  • An option for a default or fallback region for queries which do not match any configured GeoTM rules
  • Ability to overlay traditional Active Failover or Traffic Management to add granularity
  • Full API support (REST and SOAP)

When engineering excellence is the name of the game, it’s important to go above and beyond with extra functionality. Fundamentally, GeoTM gives the ability to set a response based on the geography of the requesting party. Pairing the capabilities of GeoTM with our other advanced feature set allows our customers to tune their DNS to what works better for them. DynECT Managed DNS allows customers this control without sacrificing the performance that Dyn’s worked so hard for.

Thanks to the private beta we launched in late 2011, we’ve had the opportunity to flex much of this technology on our infrastructure. It has given us some great insight into how customers can leverage it for their business and maintain our two states of being, fast and faster.

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