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Extending Global Load Balancing to the Cloud with Secondary DNS

We often write about how new internet users are coming online every day in every corner of the world and how new applications and demands are increasing the complexity of internet infrastructure. But sometimes I even fail to grasp the magnitude of these words. Then I spend a few minutes staring at this website and it really hits home.

The internet provides a massive opportunity for companies to reach new customers. It also provides challenges on the best way to reach them.

To solve these challenges, many companies are using global load balancing (GLB). The goal of global load balancing is to get users to an available data center or cloud provider that will deliver the best performance every time.

While this can be tremendously effective, there are limits to on-premise infrastructure in today’s fast-evolving digital landscape. So how can companies adapt?

One of the easiest ways is to add a cloud-based secondary DNS solution that complements existing GLB. This approach immediately extends global reach, increasing resiliency, and improving end user performance across the globe.

By adding a secondary DNS service as a redundant complement to your GLB appliances, end users are directed to these locations faster and the risk of having requests go unanswered is avoided.

Secondary DNS would have a major impact on your overall site performance by increasing:

  • Flexibility
  • Availability and performance
  • Visibility

We explore all of these benefits in further detail in our recently released white paper: Extending Global Load Balancing to the Cloud with Secondary DNS, which you can download here.











It should be noted, in the hour it took me to write this blog, 31,930 new people started using the internet. Those users are living, working and accessing the internet from everywhere. Your company needs to ensure they receive the best performance possible. Adding secondary DNS to your global load balancing is a good place to start.

You can learn how to get started here.

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