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Exciting News from Velocity This Week

The Dyn summer tour continues this week at the Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference in Santa Clara, California — and as always we wanted to make sure you were the first to hear about two exciting partnerships being announced!

Game Day at Velocity

Dyn is linking up with industry leaders, Opscode and Zenoss to conduct real-time, cloud computing, disaster avoidance war games that demonstrate how to manage a resilient Web infrastructure even during times of heavy Web traffic. This “Experiment in Uptime” will demonstrate how to avoid Web failure and disaster without manual intervention.

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Rock Solid Partnerships = Rock Solid Infrastructure

At Dyn, we are focused on high performance, which is why when choosing an infrastructure partner, we settle for nothing but the world’s best. NTT America, a top Tier-1 network, fit that bill and helps us power infrastructure for our clients.

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