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Event Recap: Why Oracle Is The Fastest Growing Cloud Company

c12bg-cloudworld-speakers-2408659One of Dyn’s central missions has been to educate the enterprise market about the many advantages of cloud migration. From pay-as-you-go pricing to the ease and flexibility of rapid deployment and unlimited scalability, businesses that leverage the cloud reap significant cost savings and efficiencies that help them grow the bottom line. Business leaders see the obvious value in a data platform that allows for decreased IT spending on hardware and maintenance (which can be up to 80% of IT spend), allows for on-demand pricing and unlimited elasticity and ensures data is secure and always available with limited latency.

After attending Oracle’s CloudWorld conference in New York, it’s clear that Oracle’s drive to build a “Cloud Without Compromise” platform will put it in a very advantageous place in the market – one where risks (security, integration issues) are minimized and the rewards of a performance-focused global infrastructure cannot be ignored.

The facts speak for themselves. CIO put the global public cloud market at north of $146 billion in 2017, up from $87 billion in 2015. Oracle sees this growth and CEO Mark Hurd offered some additional cloud growth predictions through the year 2025:

  • 80 percent of IT spend will be on innovation and cloud (not maintenance, which is currently 80 percent of spend)
  • On-premise data center usage to drop by 80 percent
  • All business-critical data will live in the cloud
  • The Enterprise cloud will be the most secure place to store data
  • All Dev/Test (DevOps) will occur in the cloud
  • Just two clouds will own 80 percent of the market
  • 80 percent of production apps will live in the cloud

Oracle’s stated goal is to offer the best SaaS suite built on the leading cloud platform; the Oracle IaaS offering is designed for extensibility and scale and will be a data-driven, top of class offering, according to Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development. Oracle – with an 89 percent growth rate for its cloud business – is the fastest growing cloud company in the world and aspires to be the dominant player in the market.

The IaaS business is critical to Oracle’s success in the cloud. Tom Bressie, Vice President, IaaS Product Marketing, Oracle, admitted that current cloud solutions offer tremendous value. However, he acknowledged that crucial needs were missing from existing clouds. These are include:

  • Flexibility and choice
  • Uncompromised security
  • Peak + consistent performance
  • Governance and control
  • Reliability and SLAs
  • Simple pricing

In Oracle’s opinion, companies are making compromises. They want the benefits of the cloud and so they’re willing to give up the above list. Bressie doesn’t think they should do this and Oracle’s differentiator will be that they no longer have to. That is the basic premise of their “Cloud Without Compromise” pitch.

Oracle’s IaaS strategy, according to Bressie, is to provide customers with a software defined virtualized data center in the Oracle cloud that offers the broadest range of cost effective, highly elastic Compute, Storage and Network resources coupled with deployment choice: Public Cloud, on-premises or hybrid (Read our eBook on having a solid hybrid strategy).

Oracle wants its customers to easily migrate their workloads and have better performance, visibility and control within their cloud offering. For anyone who knows Dyn those words “visibility and control” have been part of our ethos for years, which is why we’re so excited to be a part of Oracle’s IaaS strategy.

To demonstrate the power of the Oracle Cloud, see this terrific integrated customer use-case for PwC.

As we move ahead on our journey with Oracle, we will continue educating our customers and prospects about how Dyn, managed DNS and IaaS will play a critical role in Oracle’s growth story. Oracle’s cloud approach is quite different from its competitors’ – focusing on its unparalleled business and data intelligence and SaaS offerings and resting on a foundation of performance and pricing considerations.

We look forward to sharing more about this story with the Dyn community as we all move ahead together.

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Brendan Mangus is a Corporate Communications Strategist at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.