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The Future of Enterprise Technology: Can’t Sell It? Don’t Build It.

In 2012, I had the good fortune of speaking at several international conferences including the Dublin Web Summit, The Next Web Conference & The Sales 2.0 Conference.

The common theme with all of them revolved around keeping pace with consistently changing market dynamics and the ability for fast growth cloud services companies to attract a customer base in a historically hardware centric enterprise technology arena.

The three topics (and videos) from these shows were the consumerization of IT (video below), how to hire your first salesperson and how social networks improve sales rep effectiveness. One of my highlights from the talks was former CTO of JPMorgan Mike Reilly who gave the following six pieces of advice in Dublin, a key for me as they came from the seat of the ultimate decision maker at a very large enterprise.

  1. There is a denial with some CTO/CIO’s that this trend towards outsourcing to cloud services is happening.
  2. Relationships with considered key vendors (the Ciscos and IBMs of the world) are getting strained because they can’t solve the bigger picture challenges.
  3. There is fractured decision making in these organizations in what, where and how to outsource technology (security, training, costs structures).
  4. Internal employee bases are demanding companies — at minimum — match the ease of use of the services they have at home.
  5. Customers tend to not demand as much these days, meaning decisions need to get made around clear key metrics and data.
  6. Cloud models are changing the power base of the CTO/CIO (or technology decision maker) on everything from evaluation to budgets to deployment to staffing.

The majority of our fast growth web enterprise customer base is already quite comfortable with subscription-based, outsourced services. As we continue to claw our way upmarket, the lessons learned on this panel will drive us forward into Internet Infrastructure as a Service dominance within traditional enterprises.

Dublin Web Summit: IT Panel with Dyn, Box, more

TNW Interview – Dublin

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