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Energy Giant Secures its Edge with Oracle Dyn Web Application Security

Waste management and energy giant Covanta is protecting a critical Oracle PeopleSoft implementation with Oracle Dyn Web Application Security.

Covanta, which offers a variety of energy-from-waste and incineration services, recently migrated the PeopleSoft application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Covanta has long used PeopleSoft to run its supply chain management, finance, and procurement operations.

Before the migration was completed, Covanta decided to shore up security around its network edge. The process began when the Oracle Dyn sales team set up a proof-of-concept (POC) demonstration.

The POC demonstrated that Oracle Dyn Web Application Security successfully met Covanta’s three main criteria:

  • detect and send alerts to administrators about malicious web traffic;
  • identify and send alerts about any activity that falls under the OWASP Top 10 security threats; and
  • detect and send alerts on suspicious bot activity.

Covanta decided to go live with the suite’s Web Application Firewall for DDoS protection and for its advanced bot detection and mitigation capabilities. Jason Gonsalves, a security architect and manager at Covanta, said his team likes the fact that the suite gives them greater visibility into web traffic and cybersecurity threats. And because the suite is fully cloud native, Covanta’s IT staff doesn’t have to worry about managing infrastructure in-house.

“[Oracle Dyn Web Application Security] is definitely one of the higher-performing solutions in this space,” Gonsalves said. “We’re really happy with the capabilities, the output, and the integration.”

Gonsalves can attest that gaining actionable insights from traditional, on-premises security solutions can be difficult at best. He can remember trying to manage 20 to 30 different security environments just to get one piece of intelligence. With Oracle Dyn Web Application Security, gaining actionable insight is much easier.

“Being able to leverage a single environment to get that same information—there’s a lot of value in that from a security and operations standpoint,” he said.

Learn more about how Covanta uses Oracle Dyn Web Application Security.

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Mark Brunelli
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Mark Brunelli is a Content Specialist at Oracle Dyn. He writes about DNS, cloud infrastructure, networking, and edge security. He previously covered data management and IT security for TechTarget and several other online publications.

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