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Employee Spotlight: Jackie Wegman

The Employee Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights the great talent we have here at Dyn. From interns to executives, Dyn is filled with the brightest minds in the industry bringing a wealth of experience to our ever-growing team.

This month, we spoke with Jackie Wegman, a Dyn employee that came on board almost a year ago as an admin for the DNS engineering team and has since been promoted to Project Manager of Operations.

Jackie Wegman1. How did you learn about Dyn?

A friend of mine who is a current employee at Dyn had told me about the great place she was working and invited me to a Dyntini. I was blown away by the work space and learned from her that the environment and attitudes of her fellow employees often exceeded the awesome-ness that is the Dyn office.

2. What made you want to apply?

After visiting the office for a Dyntini and learning a little bit more about what Dyn does (DNS, what is that?!?!), I began keeping a diligent eye on the Dyn Careers page. I hadn’t had success finding a teaching job and felt frustrated by a seemingly dead end job in a manufacturing environment. I needed a change and Dyn seemed like the perfect fit (and I wasn’t wrong about that!).

3. What position were you initially hired as?

I started as a Program Administrative Assistant working with the DNS engineering team.

4. What responsibilities did this entail, which were your favorite?

During my interview, I was cautioned that working with engineers and getting them to follow process is very much like the daunting task of herding cats. With a family full of engineers and a background in elementary education, I was up for the challenge. After I got up to speed on Agile, Scrum, and some best practices for implementing it, I worked with the DNS team to organize and prioritize their projects. It turns out I am pretty good at herding cats and working with all of the engineers has been one of my favorite aspects of my job.

5. What is your position now?

I am now a Project Manager in Operations. My role as an admin quickly proved to be more in line with an Agile project manager and, since Dyn is so awesome, they rewarded my efforts with a promotion to Project Manager of Ops.

Chicago Poster6. What is your favorite memory at Dyn?

I have had a lot of fun times at Dyn, but one of my favorite things is getting to present movie posters to teams when they finish projects. Dyn has a fun tradition of making movie posters to celebrate the completion of projects and the excitement around the completion of a large project is a great feeling!

7. What do you like to do outside of work?

My social life has gotten a bit more robust since starting at Dyn since people are always up for grabbing a drink or playing a board game (which is one of my favorite things to do). I also try to go rock climbing a couple of times a week (which is also an activity I often do with coworkers).

8. Why do you like working here?

I love the community, my coworkers, and the opportunities that Dyn has given me. They have given me the education and tools necessary to improve my career and I get to do so at an awesome office with great people!

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