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Email Technology Is The Easy Part, It’s The People And Process That Are Hard

Over the past month, it’s become clear to me that technology is the easy part of what we do here. After learning about the DynECT Email Delivery platform and its heritage, growth and change, it really drove the point home.

We focus on scalability and uptime at Dyn and any issues that arise are solved by technology. Adding servers and data centers, redesigning architecture and rewriting code all enable our scalability and uptime. Over the last decade, we’ve got really, really good at it.

Email deliverability extends beyond technology. We can build all the servers we want and write the best performing code around, but that won’t guarantee your messages are delivered to thousands or millions of inboxes. So if technology is the easy part, what is the hard part?

People and process.

Dyn - People and ProcessThere are numerous factors that can determine the success of your messages getting from Point A to Point B. It’s critical that process is followed and that people follow the recommendations to achieve that success.

Some of the aspects that our people evaluate:

  • Does the volume of email being sent warrant dedicated IPs for sending or would a shared range be better instead?
  • Are bounces being processing correctly and is the opt-out process easy?
  • Does email content pass the SPAM sniff test? What improvements (small or large) can be made to increase the odds of deliverability?

There are hundreds of sites that can tell you what processes to follow and make recommendations on content placement, but none of these sites know YOUR business. Having a centralized knowledge base of best practices and a team that understands your business, your goals and your content simplifies and accelerates the process.

Following the recommendations of that team can more effectively ensure your messages arrive to the desired inboxes and free you up to run your business.

In other words, more time for you to focus on your people and process.

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David Lemaire is a Software Development Director at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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