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Email Marketing: Are You Guilty Of List Fatigue?

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It doesn’t matter how much your subscribers love your brand or how much you think they love your brand. There is a time when too much is too much. List fatigue is a common issue that I help customers with, but what is it and how can you prevent it?

The problem

The best thing about list fatigue is that it is easy to understand and simple to fix. My definition: when you send to your list too frequently, wearing them out and causing them to unsubscribe or worse, file a spam complaint.

The problem is there is no cure-all guide on how often you should send within a certain amount of time. If you are stats junkies like our Dyn deliverability team, you can gather this info by either crunching numbers or simply using some common sense. Yet, this simple concept of not sending too much to your customers isn’t grasped by lots of the marketing masses.

An example: if I am signed up to receive a daily deal email, then it’s pretty obvious that I should be expecting and receiving an email each day. But when I signed up to check on a lower rate for my vehicle insurance, I shouldn’t hear from them at that same frequency.

How much is too much?

Email List Fatigue
Yeah, you're wearing your email list out.

There are some very simple ways to measure how much is too much.

  • When increasing or decreasing your sends, do your opens and clicks go up or down?
  • Do unsubscribes go up when you send more often?
  • Does your complaint rate change with your sending frequency?

If you are not checking the numbers, then hire someone who will. Your customers are your livelihood, so treat them that way. Spend more time on the quality of the content than the frequency of your sending.

Your customers have the final say on whether you are sending to them too often. Try creating an options page where those subscribers can adjust the frequency of the emails sent to them. It’s a smart way of keeping them engaged with your brand without overburdening them with your content.

Three Takeaways

  • Use common sense and think about how often you like to receive certain types of mail to form your sending habits.
  • Check the numbers as they rarely lie.
  • Create amazing, engaging content that provides value. Your users will remain engaged with your brand.

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