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DynECT Email Delivery And The Awesomeness of Reputation Monitoring

To say the last six months have been crazy would be an understatement.

Actually, make that the past four years which have been a hellaciously fun ride through the carnival known as email — a trip that started with a clueless guy still using the term ’email blast’ to now standing on the doorstep of something that I think is going to change the email delivery industry forever.

That would be DynECT Email Delivery. It’s here. This is why it’s hot.

A quick bit of backstory (the longer stuff will be saved for my autobiography)

In March 2007, I joined SendLabs (an email services provider in Manchester, NH) as a marketing consultant, helping co-founder Brett Houle with thinking through how they were doing marketing in print, online, etc. Considering I knew relatively nothing about the industry, he said something pretty simple, “Just sign up for any newsletter you can. Read a lot. Just immerse yourself in email.”

I did…and managed to get confused a lot. I asked questions and more questions. Luckily, they were good ones and I was brought on full-time a few months later. What followed was stints in marketing, business development, account management, billing, support and nearly everything else you’d expect in a small 10-person company. Thanks to Brett, fellow co-founder Mike Longver, deliverability guru Steve Wheeler, developers Tony Adinolfi, John Norton and Erik Bertrand and others, I got what I consider my “four year degree” in email.

– In December 2010, we were sold to Dyn, a company that wanted to greatly enhance their email services while getting the right people in place to help fuel it. It was a super-quick transition and honestly, it took a while to adjust. We went from eight to 65 employees nearly overnight. We weren’t sure how we officially were going to fit in and I think there was that feeling from others here as well. Time and interaction helps work all that out and that’s what brings us here to Wednesday, June 15th.

Since the sale, our focus has shifted away from the consumer-targeted side of email marketing (think ConstantContact style) and more toward the enterprise side (think about an application already being built and needing a sending structure to deploy transactional/bulk email). We wanted to become THE email delivery provider for any company who wanted to send large amounts of email while also realizing the benefits of enhanced deliverability.

So we worked and worked and worked. We had an existing application (SmartMTA) but we needed it to be better. We brought the infrastructure up to Dyn standards. We used the same intuitiveness we developed in our consumer brand and enhanced the user experience. We added features. Then we added more features. We looked at what else was out there and asked a question, “How can this be better?”

After all that work, we’re here.

That’s all great, Josh. But what the heck is DynECT Email Delivery?

Quite simply, DynECT Email Delivery allows power users to connect to Dyn and deploy either transactional or bulk email — all while providing useful insights and statistics and all under the watchful eye of deliverability experts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one email or one billion emails. We can handle it, process and deliver it, giving it the TLC you’d expect.

That’s where our experts and the SendLabs technology came into play. At SendLabs, we’ve had been building relationships with Internet Service Providers for years and years, developing our applications so we could make adjustments on the fly and have deep insight into what’s going on with email once it’s sent.

The afore-mentioned Steve Wheeler? He’s our Director of Deliverability, giving email its best shot at reaching its intended destination, all while following best practices. We don’t work with spammers. We work with reputable marketers worldwide.

So what makes it different?

Other than our company’s reputation for being IaaS leaders and dominating the DNS space, I think our Reputation Monitoring feature is pretty freakin’ incredible. In an easy-to-read dashboard, users now have more insight into their sending reputation with ISPs including authentication, volume/frequency, inbox acceptance rate, complaint rates and more.

Without naming names, there is a 3rd party out there that offers a similar service. However, it’s just that: a 3rd party. This add-on service usually costs thousands and thousands of extra dollars and with DynECT Email Delivery, it’s a baseline service that we built, operate and maintain. How cool is that? No extra money and everything sits inside the same house.

You’ll be hearing about Reputation Monitoring more and more. I love it and might name a pet after it.

Open, Click and Read Tracking is also really great. You can see what users open and click emails, along with Read/Skim Tracking. Seriously, you can see what users are reading your deployed emails vs. just skimming them. How? Oh, oh, it’s magic you know.

Connect through SMTP or our dominant API. Some companies offer just one path in, while we offer two. We built and maintain our API so it’s always current, something our devs take a ton of pride in.

We love email. You’re going to start feeling that more and more in this very space. As we’ve grown and integrated email here, fellow Dyners are starting to feel it too. DNS brought this company to the forefront and email is going to be a huge part of keeping us there. If there is something any company needs to figure out, it’s their infrastructure. Why buy servers, bring on personnel, worry about maintenance, etc. when we did it for you?

Like Lebron James and no championships, DNS and email are a natural fit. (Too soon, Heat fans?)

So from someone that loves the email industry, I hope that DynECT Email Delivery blows up huge. I sense a bit of stagnancy with some of our competitors and it was time they got shaken up a bit. If this creates a better industry for all of us, we all win. If not, we’ll be glad to dominate it.

Whether it’s one or one billion, you need to be sending your email with Dyn. Here’s to another four year wild ride!

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Whois: Josh Nason

Josh Nason is a Reputation Manager at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.