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Key Learnings From Email Evolution Conference 2014

Some say email is dead. With the seemingly endless amounts of new messaging apps and mediums, it’s understandable why they may think that, but they are misinformed. Email is not only very much alive, it’s a thriving and extremely valuable channel for marketing professionals.

Email Evolution ConferenceI was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Email Evolution Conference this year in Miami, FL. Hosted by the Email Experience Council and Direct Marketing Association, Email Evolution brings together the greatest minds in email providers, lead generation solutions, and email marketing professionals.

The Internet is quickly becoming an incredibly personalized experience. With advanced activity and behavior-based algorithms guiding everything from ad placement to the layout you experience on Facebook, every user gets a tailored version of content that is unique to their habits. Why should email be any different?

One of the key lessons from EEC: a customized email marketing campaign is an effective one.

In one panel, numbers were put to work to prove this theory. When a retailer decided to launch a geographically customized promotion for the final four teams in the NCAA basketball tournament, they saw an 80% increase in conversion over the previous year which featured a standard national campaign without customization.

In general, customized subject lines alone are 22% more likely to be opened.

With decreasing attention spans, content on the Internet is getting increasingly brief and quickly consumable. Long-form articles give way to blurbs and easily marketable lists. If digesting a piece of content seems time consuming, it will be skipped over.

The same principles once again translate to email marketing — the shorter, the better.

If the goal is to get users to click through and engage with your brand, don’t overwhelm them with details or text. Save that for the landing page. Instead, entice them with the minimum content needed to click through and discover more. Simple, bold images and calls to action will perform much better than long descriptions and unnecessary details.

Last year, 44% of email recipients clicked through and made a purchase based on a promotion. It is very clear that email is not in fact dead, but a very viable and lucrative marketing tool.

If you would like to learn more about email marketing or next year’s conference, check out the Email Evolution website.

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