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Email Deliverability Use Cases: How We Helped

Over the past few months, our sales team has morphed from DNS specialists into IaaS experts. While many of our DNS competitors are still scratching their heads wondering what it is we’re doing with email, our sales team has spent the time creating rock-solid relationships by helping out loads of new clients that want to improve deliverability.

If you’re still stumped on why email is important to Dyn, the answer is simple: we assist in the process of bulk and transactional emails getting to their intended inboxes. We do this better than your current setup, regardless of whether you’re with an email marketing provider or still attempting to manage deliverability in-house.

Here are a few use cases that we’ve come across in recent months. See if your brand falls into any of these buckets.

Industry: Ad/Media

Pain Point: A client came to us that was experiencing poor deliverability with their in-house solution. What’s noteworthy is this client houses all of the data with the actual delivery done through affiliate companies. With those being located in India and Morocco, it was a challenge to implement the necessary email infrastructure and manage ISP relationships when the mail is being sent from multiple places around the world.

How Dyn Helped: By outsourcing to us, we’re able to manage deliverability for all of the affiliate companies at once, making it much easier on the client management team to monitor the success of each company’s campaigns. The client measures ROI by revenue per 1000 emails sent and since we began this relationship, their revenue per thousand has increased from $4 to $7!

Industry: Web 2.0 – Social Platform

Pain Point:  They had issues with delivery and their previous provider was not proactive enough in indicating issues that they were seeing, so they couldn’t make necessary changes to enjoy high deliverability.

How Dyn Helped:  We are assisting on how to best work with their IPs so as not to drive down deliverability of specific email types, either by limited volume or by quality of certain email types.  Further down the road, we will be ramping up volume significantly and want to be sure that goes smoothly.

Industry: Web 2.0 – Large File Transfer

Pain Point: A client wanted an easily scalable solution with reporting capabilities to aid their help desk team in solving issues.

How Dyn Helped: Sending all system emails through DynECT Email Delivery, a tool that provides in-depth detailed reports. This gives clients further insight into the success of individual senders, what messages were delivered to the inbox, what messages were read vs. skimmed, soft bounces and hard bounces, etc.  The DynECT Email Delivery API allows even more flexibility when it comes to the clients need for reports.

Industry: IT/Online Meetings

Pain Point:  The clients’ application users were not receiving vital information such as login information and meeting numbers.

How Dyn Helped:  DynECT Email Delivery improved deliverability.  This helped ensure customers and clients are always receiving transactional notifications for upcoming meetings and notes, keeping them in the loop and not missing any appointments or recaps of online meetings. We keep their reputation high and prevents poor customer feedback and missed reminders and meetings.

Do you fit into any of the above? Perhaps you’re a new industry that wants their own success story? If so, we want to help you out.

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